QwertyFusion Retires From the Tree Cult

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tree Cult Empire – Just over a month after returning to the community, the Tree Cult bids farewell to creator QwertyFusion. What was the cause of this sudden retirement?

QwertyFusion joined the army community in December 2019, starting off in the Dark Warriors. After the warriors experienced a temporary shutdown in February, he made his way over to the Ice Warriors. Over there, he became fascinated with armies by participating in exhilarating battles and chant tactics. A little bit after, he created the Tree Cult army.

The idea for the army sparked up when QwertyFusion would collect stamps with friends on Club Penguin Online while wearing tree costumes. After a few months of inviting members to help stamp collect, the Tree Cult came to life on February 21st. Under the leadership of QwertyFusion, Ugly, and Travis, the army became a powerhouse. Constantly hitting maxes of 30 and maintaining rankings on the Top Ten Armies list. Along with that, he enlisted in other small armies to help them rise up with the skills he learned from his previous experience.

Tree Cult under QwertyFusion’s leadership

As of recently, QwertyFusion along with some others revived the army in September 2020. After notifying members of the revival, the Tree Cult family eventually united. Along with the reunion, came along new faces. MaxTCPleby, and Hawkflight joined the leadership. These leaders helped contribute to the army by hosting fun battles and training.

The most recent event of the Tree Cult

However, things took an unexpected turn. On October 20th, QwertyFusion posted a simple message on the official Discord server. He cut to the chase mentioning that he would be retiring from the army and departing from the community altogether.

Qwerty’s announcement on the official Tree Cult Discord server.

To learn further details, CP Army Hub reached out to QwertyFusion to hear his reasoning about departing from the community.

What made you come to the decision to retire?

I was having real academic pressure, some health issues and I wasnt much active much. Some intra army problems.

Do you have any plans to return to the community in the future?

I have no plans whether I will be returning in the future or not, but surely the community will forever be among the friendliest memories of my life! I will never forget anyone whom I met here.

Do you think the Tree Cult will strive without you?

Yeah, it can grow without me and I believe in it. In the earlier days when we were in CPO, there was no leader except me. I had to work on every sphere. After revival into CPAH, Ugly and his team of leaders are doing a great job! I trust in their capacity and I know that it wont matter much if I am there or not because I was inactive after all. Surely, the Tree Cult got the capacity if they never stop working for TC as they do now.

What was your favourite memory while leading the Tree Cult?

The best memory was the friends I made, the people who actively supported the whole of us, the stuff I had made for TC, the way I had created and organized it in the previous era. The favourite memory was that it was more of a family than just an army and we all played many more games and did hangout events!

Any final comments you would like to add?

Thank you for the kind interview, thanks to the whole community for being so friendly, Thank you Tree Cult for being a family to me more than just an army. I wish everyone who reads this have a nice day and stay safe everyone! Love you guys, you all are a family to me! Also plant some trees if you can while playing games or other works. Let’s do work for the planet too! Thank you!

Although QwertyFusion’s retirement arose at such a sudden time, he appears self-assured that the army will continue to branch without him. As you can tell, QwertyFusion is thankful for the wonderful memories he made in the community however he wants to put his real-life commitments first. Above all, the Tree Cult seems to have a promising future, especially with its organized set of leaders. With this retirement set in place, how will the Tree Cult fare?

What do YOU think? How will this retirement affect the Tree Cult during this time? Let us know in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter


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  1. ❤ we will miss u qwerty


  2. Ugly interview when? lmao


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