The Water Troops Make a Splash Back in the Community

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Water Troops Empire – During a month bustling with army activity, another historical army has returned to the community! The Water Troops recently made an appearance during their opening event after being dormant for two months. What does this new generation have in store for us?

The Water Troops were created in November of 2009. Multiple generations followed it, the most recent one being earlier this year. Although having a very successful start, making themselves known on various Small/Medium listings, towards the end they saw an increase of inactivity within the army which drove them to merge with the Peoples Imperial Confederation. Together they created the Tamales, which experienced a drama-filled closure soon afterward.

Water Troops NewCP event, maxing 25+
These Troops aren’t giving up though, just this Sunday they held a successful revival event where they maxed 10 troops. The community saw some fresh new faces in the army, which is always a welcome sight. This time around, TD999, Games, and Lukey are leading. CP Army Hub are interested to see how they all work together. 

Water Troops revival event, maxing 10 penguins
CP Army Hub managed to catch an interview with leader Lukey to look more into The Troops’ plans:

After the events that led to your last shutdown, why’d you decide to revive the army?


After Light Troops shutdown I was armyless for a bit and wanted to get back into leading. Deciding between my own creation “Magma Clan” and reviving WT I asked Bryce how he felt about bringing WT back. He thought it was a good idea so I took his advice and brought it back.

Do you have any specific plans/goals?

Right now I’m trying to make us a legitimate S/M Army contender by increasing our staff and hcom. We also need to do some more work getting organized.

Amazing! What are you most excited about regarding the revival?

Probably working with the other members. All of them have been great additions to the army so far and have been the best troops I’ve ever had while leading an army.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Shoutout to TD999 aka Monstah, he’s been a big help so far and it’s been a pleasure to work with him.

The Water Troops are confident in their plans for the future, will the community see them rise to the Number One spot? Or will a wave of inactivity beach the Water Troops once more?

It’s clear the Water Troops are confident about their plans for the future. Will the community see them reach the Number One spot? Or will a wave of inactivity beach the Troops once more?

What do YOU think? Will the Troops stay on their path to greatness? Share YOUR thoughts in the comments below!

CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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