Revan Couped From Water Vikings Leadership Following Internal Conflict

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – In a shocking announcement released just hours prior, Revan of the Water Vikings was forcibly removed from leadership following a series of internal conflicts. What exactly happened to warrant this decision? 

On October 23rd, Water Vikings leader Pjayo stunned the community by announcing Revan’s coup d’etat from the Water Vikings leadership. In his announcement, Pjayo cited reasons such as inappropriate comments, failure to fulfill his duties, tensions between himself and the leaders, and conflicting interests with the Water Vikings which resulted in Revan’s dismissal.

The announcement of Revan’s removal found in the Water Vikings server

He explained that Revan was in the process of creating a brand new army, referred to as the Ninjas, with intentions to rebel against the Water Vikings by transferring their servers and potentially taking other Vikings with him. Attached underneath Pjayo’s initial announcement were screenshots depicting a conversation between Revan and Buddy. Revan discussed “leaving with people,” transferring Water Vikings servers, as well as plans to convince small/medium armies such as the Dark Champions and Royals to merge into his new army.

Screenshot 1/2 of Revan’s conversation with Buddy

Screenshot 2/2 of Revan’s conversation with Buddy

The series of announcements in the Water Vikings’ Discord server concluded with Buddy cautioning troops to message a leader if someone attempts to convince them to join another army. Pjayo also warned everyone not to go onto the Water Vikings website, which Revan owns, citing his concerns about potentially malicious content.

CP Army Hub reached out to Revan to offer him a right of reply. He provided the following statement in regards to the situation:

Thank you. Well firstly I’d like to say that the allegations of me planning a rebellion and transferring servers are false. I made jokes with Buddy a personal friend of mine who I’ve known for 9 years and if you look in Ninjas server you can see we are still close friends. Secondly, I did consider leaving WV due to what is going on behind closed doors with PJ threatening to blackmail me, and also abuse I received from some of the leaders and being treated unfairly in some cases. Also the fact that these people decided to remove me and not talk to me first or even come to me after shows what kind of people they are. The majority of people leading WV care only about their own gain and image and are willing to drop anyone at a moments notice (which they already do with firing of certain members).

CP Army Hub also managed to interview Water Vikings leader and High Council member Buddy.

How long has this coup been in the works?

I was made aware that there were some issues in the past regarding Revan and some of our leaders but the decision to coup was made tonight with the leak about Revan’s plans to make a new army and transfer WV servers to his new army.

Revan cited in his statement, which I received earlier, that he received abuse from other leaders. Were there internal conflicts not mentioned in the announcement, and if so, what were they?

There were some arguments about Revan’s behaviour in the WV discord in the past. I’m not claiming this statement to be neither false nor true, however I am not aware of anything that went on between any of our leaders and Revan.

How do you think the Water Vikings will do moving forward from this incident?

Losing a leader is never easy, especially a leader with veteran experience such as Revan. That being said, we have such a great group of people in the army right now so I’m quite certain that we will continue to stay atop of the community.

Any last thoughts or comments?

I’d like to end this off by stating that Revan has been a good friend of mine for 8 years now. He has been there for me since day one and has been like a brother to me in this community. He is a hard working, talented leader and nothing that has happened tonight will take away from the hard word he’s put into the Water Vikings for this generation or in past generations. I was put in a tough position tonight, and it’s very difficult for me to see Revan go, but I know that both WV and Revan will succeed from here on out.

Despite the incidents that have happened thus far, it appears that Buddy and the Water Vikings do not hold too much ill will against Revan and are instead looking forward to continuing their successes in the community. Will this flare of drama lead to a setback? Or is it just a small bump on a long road for the Water Vikings?

What do YOU think? Will the couping of Revan hurt the Water Vikings drastically, or was it for the better? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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