S/M Top Ten Armies [10/18/20-10/24/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – This week’s Small/Medium Top Ten sees some new faces enter the rankings, while old ones continue to rise.

 1. Silver Empire [37.22]

2. Templars [36.75]

3. Golden Troops [33.5]

4. Fighter Pilots [29]

5. Royals [27.16]

[NEW!] 6. Dark Champions [25.66]

↓ 7. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [25.48]

8.  Pizza Federation [23.66]

[NEW!] 9. Most Wanted [22]

 10. Crimson Guardians [21.75]

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  1. Silver Empire: The Silver Empire had a week of fun-filled events, kicking it off with a round one Fight or Fright Tournament battle against the CPAH Admins, maxing 15 and moving onto the next round. Continuing their week, the Silver Empire held a Card-Jitsu tournament on the 19th, maxing 9 penguins. The Silvers then held a uniformed training event and a Hotel Transylvania themed event on the 20th and 22nd, maxing 11 and 13 respectively. Closing out their week, the Empire held two joint events, a murder mystery event with the Fighter Pilots, maxing 19, and an AUSIA sled racing tournament with the Red Ravagers, maxing 15 penguins.


2. Templars: The Templars began their week with a Roman Helmet Takeover and size of 28! A training two days later saw a peak of 21, and battle vs. Water Vikings witnessed 24 Templars in attendance. Finally, their week concluded with a US training, maxing 16.


3. Golden Troops: The Golden Troops held a total of six events this week. They first held a fun Hide and Seek event, which showed a max of 6 participants. On Tuesday, they then held a joint Scavenger Hunt with their close allies, the Fighter pilots, maxing a total of eight Golden Troops. They also counted 8 troops during an exciting practice battle against the Water Viking Divisions. On Thursday, 10 troops of the Golden army took part in a Halloween Showdown, organized by the Ice Warriors. The Showdown winners were the Skeletons, under the joint leadership of Mighty, IceQueen, Rach, and Kally. A day later, they held a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin, counting an impressive size of 14. Finally, they finished off their week on Saturday with yet another practice battle, this time against the Royals. This event showed a max of 9 troops, which rounded off a busy, yet very fun week for the Golden Troops.


4. Fighter Pilots: FP started their week with a practice battle against the Water Ninjas, they maxed 16. They then held a scavenger hunt with Golden Troops maxing 8 before holding a tactic session maxing 7. Their final event of the week was a murder mystery event with Silver Empire in which they maxed 19.


5. Royals: To kick off their week, the Royals held a rainbow-themed event with a max of 13 penguins. Soon after, they went head-to-head with the Ice Warriors in a puffle-themed practice battle where they maxed 15 royal puffles. Finally, the Royals hit 10 penguins during their practice battle with the Golden Troops.


6. Dark Champions: Dark Champions held 3 events this week. They began with a Ghost Takeover on Tuesday, hitting a max of 17. They had a Practice Battle with MW on Wednesday, with 7 troops in attendance. To end off their week on Saturday, they held a Beans event, maxing a total of 14 penguins.

7. Recon Federation: The Recon Federation started their week with an AUSIA training, maxing 4. A 9-penguin US training followed, along with a ‘Hot Potato’ event and a peak of 7. A Connect Four event saw 6 in attendance, and they finished their week with a ‘Tip the Ice Berg’ event that maxed 15.


8. Pizza Federation: The Pizza Federation held three events this week. Their first event of the week was a training event where they maxed 11. They hit a size of 11 once again at their unscheduled staff recruiting event on Wednesday. To finish off their week, they held a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin’s divisions with ten troops in attendance.

9. Most Wanted: In an exciting week of three events, Most Wanted maxed 8 during their victorious Fright or Fight battle against the Tree Cult. Next, they maxed 6 during a practice battle versus the Dark Champions. Finally, MW maxed 7 in the Fright or Fight semi-finals against Red Ravagers.

10. Crimson Guardians: The Crimson Guardians had yet another amusing week, hosting 5 events this week. They popped off with a Throwback tactics event, maxing 5. They then bid farewell to Leila in a retirement event, maxing 12. The army then faced off the Army of Club Penguins Delta division in a fun practice battle with 3 troops in attendance. They then ended the week with a Fall tactics event, with a max of 5.

Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Rah, Caramel, Marissa, Tistle, Sarah, Rosie, Ot_ter, Robot, Africa, Sheo, Sophie, Scorpion Demon, FatChicken88, Fusion, Max, Kally

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