Tree Cult Gets Uprooted and Announces Shutdown

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Tree Cult Empire – Just over a month after being revived, the Tree Cult announced that they would be shutting their doors on the army’s current generation. What were the reasons behind this sudden decision?

The Tree Cult was first created on February 21st by QwertyFusion. The army started as any other ordinary army would, but they quickly rose through the ranks to become a small/medium army powerhouse throughout the next few months. Under the leadership of UglyTravis, and QwertyFusion, the Tree Cult was able to hit sizes of 30+. The army was one of few who joined an alliance called the International United Armies (IUA) alongside armies such as the Adventurers and Aliens.

A Tree Cult event from the CP Online era

However, during the early stages of April, they closed down following the backlash they received after the IUA attacked the Ice Warriors. Eventually, QwertyFusion revived the army, and they held events all the way up to their closure, which occurred following the shutdown of Club Penguin Online. They remained closed for a brief few months before reviving once more on September 21st, this time registering with CP Army Hub.

The Tree Cult at their revival event in September

Throughout the Tree Cult’s one-month-long tenure of being alive in their most recent generation, they participated in numerous practice battles against other armies, seeing maxes of up to ten. Moreover, they competed in CP Army Hub’s Halloween-themed tournament, Fright or Fight. However, on October 24th, just moments after wrapping up their practice battle against the Water Troops, Ugly announced the army’s immediate closure. Creator QwertyFusion soon followed up with a statement explaining that the Tree Cult would be moving away from their Club Penguin division. However, they will continue to live on as a gaming community.

Official shutdown announcement in Tree Cult. Click to enlarge.

QwertyFusion’s announcement regarding Tree Cult’s revamp to a gaming server. Click to enlarge.

CP Army Hub reached out to Tree Cult leader Ugly for an exclusive interview regarding his thoughts on the army’s shutdown.

What was the main reason behind Tree Cult’s shutdown?

It was mainly due to the huge inactivity from leaders/members, we weren’t maxing alot and we were losing to every army that we battle with, most of the time not even being close to winning, I was tired of working alone, i got some advisors helping me like Pran and Austin, and I asked the other leaders to pick up their activity, they agreed but didn’t see much, I demoted one of them and that was Max, after that I think he left, but from most of the other leaders it wasn’t really keeping me going, if all the leaders were to actively lead, we would’ve done something big. But yeah it was due to inactivity from leaders.

Was the decision to close Tree Cult a tough decision to make, or have you been planning it for a while?

It was definatly a hard decision, I got asked from Legoman to merge to atleast keep the army going, but I eventually refused, it was too much at once but I decided with the advisors that it’s best to go out alone, I know it will mean that we’ll be looked at as that army that doesn’t even last a month, but I just didn’t get the enthusiasm from other leaders to keep up, I was also planning to retire for that reason and for the fact that I wasn’t getting the thanks I was supposed to from the creator, infact the opposite, so then when I wanted to leave he begged me to stay and that tc is without me, so I stayed for a bit and here we are now. (No hate towards qwerty)

Do you have any plans to revive Tree Cult once again in the future, or is this the last we see of them?

I have hope that the Tree Cult will once be at the top with qwerty, he just needs a bit of changing with the leaders, as of now I have no association with TC anymore since I retired, I wish nothing by the best to Qwerty and TC, I don’t think he will be reviving it anytime soon

Is there anything else you would like to say?

I want qwerty to keep focusing on TC, don’t let it fall over, keep doing amazing things and I don’t want it to completely die. Even that I left TC, it will always have a special place in my heart. My next army will highly be Dark Champions. Tree Cult live on!

It appears that inactivity within the army and leadership was the main reason as to why the army shut down. Tree Cult seems to have finished their journey of being a Club Penguin army for the time being and instead become a gaming community. Will they replicate their previous successes there? Or is the Tree Cult doomed to suffer closure after closure?

What do YOU think? Will the Tree Cult ever grow again? Will we see any more armies shut down soon? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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