Lukey Abandons Ship to Join Templars Leadership, Komodo Promoted to Water Troops Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Templars Empire – In a surprising turn of events, Lukey, a now-former Water Troops Leader, left the army and joined the Templars as a Leader in Training. Meanwhile, Komodo has taken Lukey’s place as a Water Troops Admiral. What were the reasons behind these sudden changes? 

On October 26th, Komodo announced the Water Troops Discord that Lukey had stepped down from leader and consequently departed from the army as a whole. Komodo also declared that he would be taking his position as a Water Troops leader. In turn, Lukey decided to join the Templars as a Leader in Training.

Komodo announcing Lukey’s departure and his promotion to Leader, click to enlarge

Lukey was introduced to the Club Penguin armies community earlier this year when many armies operated on Club Penguin Online. He initially joined the Doritos and ranked his way up to moderator. However, he left shortly afterward and joined the Light Troops.  Unfortunately for Lukey, the Light Troops shut down on March 26th. Although things seemed bleak for Lukey, he turned his misfortune into an opportunity and decided to revive the Water Troops.

On the other hand, Komodo joined his first army, the Rebel Penguin Federation, in 2017. He had a fairly successful run in the Federation, moving up to the high member ranks. Since then, he has joined numerous armies such as the Templars, where he was a Leader in Training, the Dragons, Pizza Federation, and the Romans. Komodo also created his own army, which was called the Justice Penguins.

Now, both of them are walking their separate paths and assuming high positions in their respective armies. CP Army Hub managed to get an interview with Lukey regarding his recent move to Templars.

Firstly, why did you decide to join Templars specifically? What about them appealed to you?

For a while now Xing has has been annoying me in my DMs to join Templars as LIT. I decided to come now because SavageCobra or just Cobra recently got leader.

What do you hope to achieve during your time at Templars?

Mainly just to help them out as well as to become a better leader myself under the wing of Cobra and Xing. That sounds funny to say but it’s true.

What has been your favorite thing about Templars thus far?

Well, it’s just a fun army for me to be in despite it being toxic. I haven’t been there for long so that’s all I can say, but I’m looking forward for more.

Lastly, how do you feel about Komodo taking your position as Water Troops Admiral?

I wish him the best of luck leading Water Troops and hopefully he can bring the army to new heights.

CP Army Hub also reached out to Komodo for an interview but received no response. Instead, we reached out to TD999, who leads the Water Troops alongside Komodo, for a statement regarding Komodo joining the Water Troops. Here’s what he said:

Komodo has always been thinking about how to improve WT since he joined the Water Troops high command. He is a nice guy to talk to and has always been brought in new ideas for WT’s future. Lukey had to step down from leadership due to personal reasons and ”m gonna miss leading with him but I am also excited to see how komodo will contribute to WT as a leader at the same time. I hope we can work together and bring WT to greater heights.

Both Lukey and Komodo seem keen to embark on their new leadership journeys and are confident that they can fulfill their duties. They definitely have the potential to contribute a lot to the Templars and Water Troops, respectively. How will each army be affected by these changes?

What do YOU think? How will the Templars and Water Troops fare with these changes? Let us know in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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