Refreshed and Rebranded: Skateboarders Roll Out

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skateboarders Empire – Several armies have returned to the community lately with one of them being the Skaters. What do they have in store for the community?

Spin and Yetry created the Skaters on January 27th, 2020. They were a prevalent army who were most active while Club Penguin Online was around. Although their sizes were fairly small at first, they quickly soared when the Sinners merged into them. Impressively, their sizes reached huge peaks of 20 plus. Afterwards, their success continued, and they became a major army with maxes of 40 plus. Eventually, after being exposed for multi-logging, the army unfortunately shut down and lost a number of members.

As of recently, the Skaters made their return, this time rebranded as the Skateboarders. Led by Ot_ter and Doruk, the Skateboarders held their opening event on October 26th with an astonishing max of 13, immediately guaranteeing a new start for the army.

Skateboarders Opening Event

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Ot_ter for an interview regarding her thoughts on the return.

What led to your decision of reviving the army?

It’s not a revival, we originally meant for it to be a revival, but not all the former leaders were comfortable with a revival. Only one of the creators approved of it too, so ofc I respected their feelings and make a few changes. I’d meant to bring it back and push past the old drama, and see how high I could bring Skaters. But having my own creation now is even better <3. I love my troops, and I can’t wait to have an army that I can make into my own vision

What plans do you have for the army’s future?

I don’t have any huge plans yet haha, I’m just hoping to build my own community and become a place where troops can feel important and loved

What are you most looking forward to?

I already saw it yesterday, but our recruits being excited about the army! Seeing them log on for events and being engaged in our activities legit makes me so happy. Finally understand why these grown-ass men still do this.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Local troopstealer, army troops hmu.

It is clear that Ot_ter’s main priority is the community aspect of her army and creating a warm and welcoming environment for her troops. With a new start for the Skateboarders, what lies in store for them next? What impact will they have on the community?

What do YOU think? Will the Skateboarders reach the same heights as the Skaters previously? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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