Midnight Troops Take On Crimson Guardians In Capital Invasion

THERMAL, Battle Ground Just yesterday, the Midnight Troops and the Crimson Guardians fought over control of the server Thermal. Both armies displayed excellent tactics and speed, but only one army can win. Who emerged victoriously?

On October 29th, the Midnight Troops invaded the Crimson Guardians‘ capital, Thermal. Both armies fought it out in an intense battle, performing great tactics. The Crimson Guardians peaked at a tremendous 21 troops while the Midnight Troops maxed a total of 7 troops.

Snow Forts

The Guardians entered with a strong bomb, while the Troops entered with a J bomb. Following the bombs, both armies quickly got into their forms, the Guardians forming an X and the Midnight Troops making an upside-down V. The Crimson Guardians had a size advantage of almost 12 and therefore won the room.

CG vs. MT in the first room: Snow Forts


The Crimson Guardians still held their strong size advantage when they moved to the Berg. They entered the room with a strong bomb and swiftly grew into a sideways T form. The Midnight Troops, on the other hand, entered with their own bomb and moved into a diagonal line. Although the Midnight Troops put up a good fight, the size difference was too much for them to overcome, and so the Crimson Guardians won the second room.

CG vs. MT in the second room: Iceberg

Pet Shop

The third room started with two bombs from both armies. They swiftly switched into their respective formations, filling up the territory. However, the Crimson Guardians still retained their immense sizes, outnumbering the Midnight Troops. The Midnight Troops were unable to keep up with the size of the Guardians, and the third and final room was given to the Crimson Guardians.

CG vs. MT in the third room: Pet Shop

Both armies performed well, but due to their tremendous size advantage, the Crimson Guardians won the battle with a score of 3-0-0.

The Judges’ verdict

Despite putting up a great fight, the Midnight Troops were unsuccessful in their invasion of Thermal. Due to their speed and size advantage, the Crimson Guardians won and successfully defended against the invasion. Congratulations to the Crimson Guardians and well done to both armies!

What do YOU think about the battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


2 Responses

  1. Finally a article in which MT is recognized lmao


  2. RIP MT. Got screwed over by a pathetic excuse of an army that relies on allies for all their events.


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