Rebel Penguin Federation and Ice Warriors Branches Suit Up For Spooky Planetary Practice Battle

ALASKA, Battle Ground – Earlier today, the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation teamed up once again to have a tremendous Halloween themed planetary practice battle. With both Venus and Mercury going head to head to see who is the strongest division, which one came out victorious?

On October 30th, the Ice Warriors and the Rebel Penguin Federation teamed up again in their joint divisions, Mercury and Venus, to have a spooky practice battle. Mercury, which is composed of the Warriors’ Polar division and the Rebel’s Air Force, became Team Mercury Mummies. Meanwhile, the Ice Warriors’ Blizzard division and the Federation’s Navy teamed up under the alias of Team Venus Vampires. Both sides showed great tactics, formations, and movements. Additionally, both armies possessed spectacular sizes with the Rebels peaking at 42 penguins while the Warriors reached 50. With both teams showing tremendous force, who won?


Both divisions entered the Iceberg with amazing word bombs. Mercury successfully covered their opponent and entered into a quick X formation while Venus followed behind with an upside-down T. Despite their similar sizes, Mercury was able to stand out with their speedy tactics and cleaner formations. Although both divisions did an amazing job, Mercury showed a better performance during the majority, thus leading them to victory in the first room.

Mercury Mummies vs. Venus Vampires in the first room: Iceberg


After a thrilling first room, both divisions proceeded to enter the Stadium next with intriguing bombs from both sides. Soon after arriving, the divisions tried to cover each other with Venus moving into a clean plus formation while Mercury followed behind with a circle. Despite Mercury putting up a great fight, Venus’ neat formations and astonishing speed allowed them to gain the upper hand against their opponent and cover them throughout the room. Due to their choice of formations and a mixture between emote and word tactics, Team Venus Vampires secured the second room for themselves.

Mercury Mummies vs. Venus Vampires in the second room: Stadium


To finish off the battle, the two divisions hurried into the forts next where both sides performed exceptionally well. Shortly after their bombs, Team Venus Vampires formed an upside-down T while the Mercury Mummies moved into an upside-down V formation. Although Mercury performed creative and funny tactics, Team Venus Vampires had a slight size advantage and cleaner formations which allowed them to seize the final room.

Mercury Mummies vs. Venus Vampires in the third room: Snow Forts

Although both Mercury Mummies and Venus Vampires put up a great fight, only one side was able to win. Due to their speed, cleaner forms, and slight size advantage throughout the battle, the Venus Vampires ended this spectacular planetary practice battle by winning with a score of 2-1-0. Congratulations to the Venus Vampires!

The Judges’ Verdict

After a fantastic practice battle between the Rebel Penguin Federation’s and the Ice Warriors’ divisions, Team Venus were able to clench the victory for today. With another astounding performance from both armies, it will certainly be interesting to watch how these armies fare in the future battles to come!

What do YOU think about this practice battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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