BREAKING NEWS: Behind The Scenes Of The Doritos Return

SUMMIT, Former Doritos Capital – In an Army Hub exclusive, we take you behind-the-scenes of the Doritos surprise reopening.

The legendary Doritos of Club Penguin closed indefinitely just over a month ago, in late September. The reason for their community departure was put down to the busy in-real-life schedules of their staff affecting their penguin performance. But just moments ago, the army was revived under the leadership of Zire, Rah, Maroon and 32op. We managed to speak with the leadership prior to the return announcement and gain a behind-the-scenes, access-all-areas look at this new generation.

When quizzed on why the Doritos were returning now, leader 32op commented the following: “With flash ending, lockdowns re-emerging and support from legends like Zire, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to restart DCP with a fresh generation and continue on making history.” On top of this, the Army Hub was exclusively told the leadership may be joined by a “special someone” very soon. Who could this be? 

The Doritos final event in late September 2020.

The Doritos were famous for their heated engagements with the Black Ice Alliance, creating headlines across the Summer as they fought the alliance armies both on and off the Club Penguin battlefield. Their adventures even topped the Army Hub’s July and August Top Five Moments! However, it would appear this new generation is set to leave the drama of the past behind them, and focus on future. The Army Hub spoke exclusively with returning leader 32op about the armies direction:

Our plans for this army is just to mainly have fun. We accomplished so much last generation. DCP was first for 16 straight weeks, won Christmas Chaos, won the biggest battle in CPA history with a max of 150+ and even went up 2 spots in the all time army list because of the historical golden age we had. In this generation, we’re not focused on accomplishments, we’re looking forward to having fun until flash ends.

In further conversation with 32op, he admits his time as an Army of Club Penguin third-in-command has been very enjoyable, and has loved the ‘unproblematic’ lifestyle that came with it. He expressed his desire for the new Doritos generation to follow in this philosophy. Fellow leader Rah added to this by stating: “This time around, we really want to focus on living drama-free and chill. We do apologize for any drama that occurred in the past and we’re prioritising to focus on the present. We hope to provide a peaceful generation for all our members.”

As for their foreign relations, the leadership made it very clear they do not intend on drama with the Black Ice Alliance again. Instead, they spoke of positive relationships with the Army of CP and Water Vikings: “We’d love to become allies with ACP and WV and have a strong friendship with them moving forwards.”

Unlike their previous stint, the Dorito leadership has revealed they will “mostly be using CP Armies” to host their events. This is opposed to their infamous activity on Spanish private server SuperCP that caused commotion in the community. The leadership revealed they are still very close with the owner of SuperCP, and only wish to use the platform to grow their Spanish division and have fun. They stressed their main private server would be CP Armies.

The previous Doritos generation undoubtedly saw many successes, as well as significant drama, so what are we to expect this time around? Their return event is scheduled for next weekend, and so how will they fare? 

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CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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