Wild Ninjas Revival: Next Small-Medium Force?

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Wild Ninjas Empire – Following the recent trend, another historical army reopened its doors. The Wild Ninjas have re-entered the community with a very successful comeback event. How will this fresh start fare for them?

The Wild Ninjas were created by Alex42152 on February 12th, 2016. Wild Ninjas is one of the few Spanish armies left in the community. Alex had made the decision to create this army after being in the Ice Warriors for several months. However, a change in the Ice Warriors’ leadership led to Alex’s leave from the army and the creation of the Wild Ninjas.

The Wild Ninjas original uniform

They have been a constant small/medium powerhouse in the past and can only imagine what they’ll achieve in this new era. The army participated in many tournaments like the March Madness, Legends Cup VII and Champions Cup V over the years. The ninjas shut down earlier this year due to inactivity and an unfortunate server raid.

The Wild Ninjas revival event took place on October 25th, in which they obtained an impressive max of 30 penguins. They held this successful revival event on a predominantly Spanish CPPS, Super Club Penguin. The event was lead by Amelia who is a part of the ninjas leadership along with Jeremito1 and Kerx who have been previous leaders of the army.

Wild Ninjas revival event

CP Army Hub was able to catch up with leader Amelia to learn more about her decision to revive and lead the army.

What led you to your decision of reviving the Wild Ninjas?

Well, the decision was bc we want to revive all old moments and make WN a good army.

What are your future plans for the army?

My future plan is help Kerx, Mario and Jeremito to make the army bigger and teach them what’s new in CPArmies.

What are you most looking forward to?

Hmm… Maybe be a good community and make a English Division, I think.

The Wild Ninjas have already begun with a great start in the community and seem to be growing spectacularly in a better direction. With a leadership looking forward to learning and improving, how will the Wild Ninjas fare in the future? What heights will they reach?

What do YOU think? Will the Wild Ninjas rise back to their old glory? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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