Ask The Administration: “Should cash giveaways for events be allowed?”

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Executive Producer Max, the Army Hub’s rendition of Aunt Arctic, answers your burning questions.

What is your favourite army uniform and why?

Dear Reader,

A great question to kick off this week’s column! Personally I really liked the Army of the Orient Seas uniform as it’s very unique and original. I also enlisted the help of my fellow administrators to answer this question:

Cassie: That’s a tough decision! I’m a big fan of the old classic uniforms like Rebel Penguin Federation and Army of Club Penguin, but I have to say, One Direction Army’s uniform holds a spot in my heart. Maybe I just like purple, maybe I miss One Direction, maybe both. Other than that, I also like All Four CPAH Admins Wearing Funny Shoes the Dark Warriors and Red Ravagers uniforms. My taste in uniform is a little everywhere.

LuciferStar: Light Troops for sure, I think I really like their whole yellow gig, its all bright and shiny, and it looks as though it was made by someone with an eye for detail.

Pookie: The classic 07 RPF uniform is cool, and i’ll always be partial to the Arctic Ops uniform because i made it (if u want reference do !army AO).

With love, Max

Why are there never any wars anymore?

Dear Reader, 

A interesting but also very true question! The last major war the community saw was the Water VikingSpecial Weapons and Tactics conflict that lasted a significant amount of time. Before that, the Black Ice AllianceDorito conflict took centre stage. But in the past month or so, we’ve witnessed hardly any conflict whatsoever. I put this down to several reasons, including the fact that the army community no longer depends on just war to function and thrive. Instead, focus is placed on the army’s internal community and the hosting of fun gaming events to keep the activity levels high.  We’ve also had several weeks of army conflict in the Fright or Fight tournament, and therefore army leaders have been focusing on doing the best they can in this huge community event. But while much is unknown in this community, one thing for sure is that a looming conflict is never far away!

With love, Max

What kind of Army Hub posts are your favourite to write?

Dear Reader, 

While I love writing any kind of post for the Army Hub viewers to enjoy, my absolute favourites would be the breaking news stories and CPAH Special Reports – anything that offers the readers an exclusive. I throughly enjoyed writing and breaking the news of the Doritos return this week, after speaking exclusively with the new generation’s leadership. Likewise, the CPAH Special Reports take a significant time and effort to achieve, and really test my ability to collect evidence, present the facts and make judgements based on this. In addition, articles close to my heart really enjoyable to write. One of my favourite ever posts was nominated for the End of Summer Award’s ‘Report of the Summer’: gayCP: Five Years Later, and it looked at the LGBT+ community’s prevalence and acceptance in the army community.

With love, Max

Should cash giveaways for events be allowed?

Dear Reader, 

This is obviously a very topical question at present and follows the outrage of certain community members towards the Army of Club Penguin offering Amazon gift card giveaways for their most recent tournament battles against the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation. My personal opinion on this is quite simple: if an army wishes to reward members with a giveaway of any kind, then by all means go for it. As long as it’s safe and legal, of course.

Recently, Dark Warriors’ legend Freezie admitted to spending $1,000 over the past year on Discord Nitro giveaways for his army. Again, what is the problem with this? If he has chosen to spend his own money on this then why should anyone care to comment on it?

The matter of cash giveaways being “allowed” for events is completely up to the army themselves, and the Army Hub has no control over this. However, should the Army Hub restrict certain giveaways from CPAH-run events, like tournament battles? This is an interesting question that could be addressed by the administration in the future. What I will say plainly though, is that a giveaway will not win you a battle, as shown by the Army of CP losing to the Rebel Penguin’s 3-0 just yesterday. Having said that, did the Army of CP give back to their members in the way they saw fit? Absolutely. 

With love, Max

If you would like to feature in next week’s ‘Ask The Administration‘, then please contact Max on Discord. Drop him a message via the CP Army Hub server, or directly using: [max]🌈#7074.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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  1. waHHHHHHHHHH they’re using amazon gift cards waAHHHHHHHHHHH


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