Crunch Time: Royals Merge Into Doritos

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Royals Empire- It appears that the newest generation of the Royals has come to an abrupt end. As of November 1st, the Royals have announced that they will be merging with their historic allies, the newly revived Doritos of Club Penguin. What led to the Royal’s decision to merge and how will it impact other armies?

The Royals first came into the community on March 6th, 2019 under the leadership of Teaska. Since then, the Royals have taken part in many historic battles including their battles against Templars. The army featured in the top ten lists several times throughout their tenure in the Club Penguin Army League as well as the Club Penguin Army Hub. Their former leaders Erika and Brooke eventually achieved the status of Small/Medium Army Legend.

Although the current generation displayed a strong performance, it was announced on November 1st that they will be merging with their allies, the legendary Doritos. The announcement of the merge came following the Doritos announcement regarding their reopening.


Royals announcement of their merge, click to enlarge.

The CP Army Hub team sat down and talked to Brooke to get her thoughts about the merge.


What was the thought behind the decision to merge with Doritos?

The main reason we decided to merge with DCP was because most of our leadership was busy with their personal life, and didn’t necessarily have the time to lead an army anymore. Most of our staff was former DCP and with the news of them coming back we also lost almost all our HCOM which would have made it extremely hard for us to continue as an army. We also have good past relations with DCP and we thought that it would be a great place to go.

How do the former leaders of the Royals expect the merge to go?

We all have really good expectations for this merge! We have had a really good relationship with DCP throughout Royals’ history, and we’ve all made many good friends in DCP and we’re sure working together should be no issue

What has been your favorite memory while leading the Royals?

I’ve had a lot of fun memories leading royals over this past year, the countless 3am shenanigans, the chaotic events (justice for the harambe event), but my favorite memory has probably been meeting all the wonderful people i call my friends and doing it all with them.

Do you anticipate another revival of the Royals? 

We like to joke that Royals is the army embodiment of a three legged rabid dog that we keep trying to kill but it won’t die. I personally do not see another revival of Royals, but then again I didn’t see this generation coming so who knows.

Although this generation of Royals has come to a close, it is clear that their leaders are excited for what is yet to come. Through the many generations that we have seen of the Royals, one thing is clear: their loyalty to the Doritos. Despite their few shutdowns, the troops of the Doritos have made the Royals feel welcome.
What do YOU think? How will this merge play out for both the former Royals and the Doritos? How long until a new generation of the Royals comes back? Let us know in the comments section below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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