Doruk Absolved From His Duties As Skateboarders Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skateboarders Empire – Just a couple of days after their revival, Skateboarders’ leader Doruk has already been couped from the ranks. What was the backstory behind his removal from the leadership?

The Skaters were created on January 27th by Spin and Yetry. Like every other typical army, they started small, but following their merge with the Sinners in early May, they were able to reach impressive sizes of over 20+. The Skaters kept building their army, eventually bringing their sizes up to 40+, which granted them their major army status.

Their success did not last, however, as just a few weeks later, the army was caught red-handed in a multilogging scandal. A shocking post written by Max revealed that the leaders multilogged over 20 penguins, which was confirmed through an IP check done by developer Superhero123. Unable to bear the repercussions and the backlash from the community, the Skaters then shut down on May 31st following the fiasco. 

Skaters during one of their Club Penguin Online events

Just a couple of days ago, the Skaters returned to the army community, now rebranded as the Skateboarders. They had a promising start with their opening event, maxing 13 under the leadership of Ot_ter and Doruk. Unfortunately, just a few days later, leaders Lydia and Otter–now named Ivy–decided to forcibly remove Doruk from his rank.

Doruk, an army veteran, initially joined the army community in 2012 as a Wizards troop. Over the years, he was part of many different armies and even banned from a few for a short period of time. In 2019, Doruk joined the CPPS era of the army community, first enlisting as a Help Force troop. He then moved to the Light Troops and the Aliens, before finding his final stop in the Skaters army.

Skateboarders opening event on October 26th

As mentioned before, Doruk joined the leadership ranks of the Skateboarders just a couple of days ago. CP Army Hub reached out to Doruk to find out what could have led to his removal. He provided the following reply:

Yes, hm. I had a problem with my MacBook Pro, I mean, when I shut down, It showed a Globe with circle with line. I used discord on my Galaxy note 8, and asked my friend: Why do I see a circle with a line on my macbook? He said you should do Cmd + r to fix it, then press reinstall macOS. After I did that, I saw a ping with a demotion message, because I was inactive too much and had not learned how to become a leader because of inactivity. ot_ter said, you will be leader again.

CP Army Hub also contacted Lydia to hear their side of the story. They answered:

He was inactive even though we made a UK event for our UK division to attend, and he skipped it. He also didn’t know how to lead and was really inactive so Ivy and I came together and demoted him.

Doruk and Lydia both agreed that the main reason for the demotion was inactivity. Furthermore, he just was not ready for a rank as a leader yet. He is currently still in the Skateboarders army, but only at the rank of a Third in Command. Will we one day we will see Doruk back in the Skateboarders leadership again?

What do YOU think? Will Doruk work his way up the ranks again? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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