Midnight Troops Merge Into Upcoming Army Island Invaders

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Midnight Troops Empire – Midnight Troops recently became official, but have decided to merge into an upcoming army called Island Invaders. Why did they close their doors and merge?

Midnight troops became an official small-medium army in CPAH on October 19th, led by Midnight, Wooms, IbrahimTGD, Pran, Toxic Storm, and CxrrptData. After their opening, they had 3 events, maxing 6, 8, and 5, respectively.

Midnight Troops was first created in 2012 by Halo777. However, this army did not live for very long and has only become well-known in the community due to recent revivals.

Midnight troops at their invasion of Crimson Guardians

Their most recent leaders, Midnight, Wooms, Pran and Lukey, were able to keep the army going until November 1st, when an announcement was made that Midnight troops would be turned into a more casual gaming server, while the army will merge into Island Invaders, an army planning on making a comeback in the near future, led by LEGOMAN.

To find out more on the merge, CP Army Hub reached out to one of the leaders, Wooms, for an interview.

Why is Midnight Troops merging with Island Invaders?

Well its mostly because of lack of staff, their used to be a bunch of staff but most of them dipped out, and other reason is because no one wanted to flipping recruit 5 people, we decided to merge with Island Invaders to get a new start (Although I didn’t want to merge but mid did it anyway)

Will you be joining the Island Invaders leadership?

No not at all. Only reason why is because I didn’t want to merge and I don’t wanna lead, I just wanna go to Templars and enlist there.

What was one of your favorite moments in Midnight Troops?

My favorite moment is when we raided Pizza Clan of CPO multiple times resulting in them begging us to stop in the first generation for MT. My other favorite moment is in which MT stayed dead.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

I have to get this off my chest, if you’re clowning on us, please f— off, if CG won CG won, stop acting like f—ing douches and stop talking about s— like this from the past, if it happened it happened. Literally every MT related post but this interview post disregards MT of doing great s—, also stop asking my armies to merge, so f— off. If you want to revive MT you’re gonna have to wait another year.

It seems like there are different feelings for the closure and merge of Midnight Troops. We will have to see where Midnight Troop members go from here, and what comes out of this merge.
What do YOU think about the closure and merge? Will most Midnight Troops join Island Invaders? How will this affect Island Invaders? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments!
CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee 

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