Receding Tides: Pjayo Retires From Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Water Vikings legend and leader Pjayo has announced his retirement from Water Vikings leadership. Why did he decide to leave the much-renowned Norse army?

Pjayo’s army career started in 2010 when he stumbled upon the Army of Club PenguinHe later moved to other armies such as the Doritos and the Dark Warriors, but was forced out of both armies in favor of other people. Pjayo eventually joined the Water Vikingswhom he led until late 2014. After that, he lurked around until Club Penguin’s closure. Some time after Club Penguin’s closure, Pjayo was DMed about joining the Help Force and re-entered the community. After being unsuccessful in securing a position in the Army of CP, he created the Golden Guardians. This same army later rebranded to the Water Vikings.

Water Vikings’ event on Club Penguin Online in 2019.

In a post titled “I Broke the Walls Down, What More is There for Me to Do?“, Pjayo announced his retirement. In the post, Pjayo described his history, his views on how the community has changed, and thanked those who affected his army career. Pjayo’s retirement event is scheduled to occur on November 4th.

Water Vikings’ invasion of Wool Socks; Max 47.

The Club Penguin Army Hub team reached out to Pjayo for a statement regarding his retirement.

What was your reason for retiring?

It hurts for me to say this, but ultimately there’s 2 reasons. First one is obviously school. Outside of armies I do of course have my own aspirations. As the semester nears its end, I just don’t have the time to really lead like I used to. As much as I wanted to stick around, I can’t. And that’s what sucks. Because WV really is fun. Armies are fun. I like all this. But when the bells toll they toll. Another reason is I’m ultimately satisfied with what I’ve done. These past 7 or so months I’ve done more than I could have wished. I proved to myself that I’m capable of really leading an army without a crutch in ST.

I created a legacy for myself in the Golden Guardians, my very own army that performed remarkably well for having no history. And of course, I was able to bring back my home army, the Water Vikings, and have resounding success. And that’s just leading. I got to help unite CPA, I got to help people, I got to really bring on some change here. But most importantly I was able to make a few new friends and I got to talk to people I haven’t talked to in years. I’m happy with what I was able to do. I don’t think it can really get any better so I was able to retire satisfied, something that more often than not doesn’t happen.

How do you think the Water Vikings will fare without you in the months to come?

I mean really? I think they’ll do fine. Let’s take a second to look at whos over there right now. Change might be one of the greatest leaders of all time. Funks who is absolutely one of the greats is advising, Cliff is accomplished in his own right, Adden bought WV to the LC finals in 2015, Cotton of course had his success in SP, and even looking at our owners, Vivala, Hydro, Potassium, Sarahah – all extremely capable. They’re the next generation and they’re going in more experienced than I did back in 2014. I am more than confident that WV will succeed even without me. I was just the face of it. There’s a whole group of people who were able to make this happen.

Do you foresee a possibility of you returning to armies?

I’m not sure. Obviously, I’ll still be floating around. I’ve got unfinished business in a lot of places, and I want to be there for WV during Christmas Chaos. Even if I’m not leading, I want to see them do good. I want to make sure they do good. But coming back full stop is extremely unlikely at this point. I’m 18, I’ve got college to deal with, I want to eventually get back to working, and I just don’t think I’ll have the time for it. But who knows, I saw burritodaily of all people on yesterday so honestly anything is possible.

What has been your favorite moment in the Water Vikings?

I’m honestly not sure if I should have asked that because now that I’m thinking about it, they’re one in the same. When we finally overcame SWAT. You have to think about it with historical context. For about 6 years at that point, SWAT and WV had been natural rivals, just based on our standing, and internal rivalry. So to finally come out on top of SWAT in a war, especially with such decisiveness as 18-1-6 felt fantastic. I’m sure if 12 year old me had seen that he’d be ecstatic. Not to mention the chaos directly following SWAT transferring. That’s where I thrive – uncertainty. When there’s uncertainty I’m able to put myself on top and overcome any issue I might be facing. But besides that, ironically enough when I retired. Having so many people dm me and thank me for everything I’ve done, for helping them, and just wishing me well felt great. It really did make me feel like I accomplished something.

While Pjayo is unsure if he is to return, he has surely made an impact within the army and thinks that the army’s in good hands under the leadership of Cliff, Change, and many more.
What do YOU think about this retirement? Let us know in the comments below!
CP Army Hub Reporter

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