Footprints in the Sand: Orange

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Today’s edition of Footprints in the Sand will be featuring Orange, a current Leader in Training with the Ice Warriors. Being an experienced army veteran, what moment does Orange have in store for us?

Orange joined the army community as early as 2012 as an Army of Club Penguin troop. However, he eventually left for Chaos and became one of their first leaders. Under his leadership, Chaos thrived and even reached number one on the CP Army Central Top Ten while also becoming the number one small/medium army in 2014 and 2015. Additionally, Orange led Chaos to the Legends Cup’s semi-finals back in 2013 and defeated the Ice Warriors twice, even securing a victory against the Rebel Penguin Federation once in their third generation.

Although Orange accomplished many feats within Chaos, he didn’t stop there. In 2014, Orange also led the Water Ninjas. He then continued by joining the Special Weapons and Tactics leadership in 2015, the Army Republic in 2015, and the Golds in 2016. With all four armies reaching impressive heights on the Top Ten, combined with his accomplishments back in Chaos, Orange was granted the Small/Medium Legend title.

In 2020, Orange brought Chaos back and fought alongside the Army of Club Penguin in World War Rewritten. However, after Chaos shut down this year, Orange rejoined the Army of CP for a little bit before departing to join the Ice Warriors. Today, Orange remains as an Ice Warriors Leader in Training.

A Chaos event from the week they achieved number one

Chaos reaching number one on the CP Army Central Top Ten, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Orange for an interview regarding his favorite moment:

What has been your favorite moment since joining the army community?

Throughout my time in the community I’ve had many memorable achievements that I have enjoyed, however the one I enjoyed most in particular was when I led Chaos to 1st on CPAC’s major top ten alongside Owl, Zero, and Jester. As a historically dominant S/M army, it meant the world to me when I was finally able to bring this army to first on the standings, something only a handful of armies can say all throughout history.

What is one obstacle you faced on your path to this achievement? How did you overcome it?

The biggest obstacle I faced on this path was definitely recruiting. As an S/M army with the name “Chaos” (not the most appealing name for recruits) it was very tough to obtain recruits. Because of this, we faced many ups and downs, as it took nearly 4 years of hard work and dedication from not only all the leaders but all the staff members as well until we finally got first. We decided we wanted to attract people to the army based on our fun community and friendliness and that definitely played a huge role in us getting 1st. To this day, I still have active contact with a lot of Chaos vets just because those guys became my best buds through the many fun experiences we had.

Were you shocked when Chaos achieved 1st? Or was this feat anticipated?

The night before the top ten came out, we were all fairly confident we were gonna be first considering the sizes we were getting that week, however when we still got first, I was still extremely stunned and ecstatic – it was a penguin dream come true :partying_face:

What is one takeaway you had from this moment?

The biggest takeaway I had was that hardwork and dedication does indeed pay off as long as you got a team beside you that has the same drive as you and pushes you to your limits.

Do you have anything else to add?

Uhhh I ain’t never seen two pretty best friends always one of them gotta be ugly

(And Mare is a simp)

Joining the army community back in 2012, Orange is certainly a highly experienced veteran with many moments and experiences. However, his favorite was a great accomplishment he achieved while leading Chaos: reaching number one on the CP Army Central Top Ten. Being an S/M Legend with many notable achievements, what does Orange have in store for the Ice Warriors next?

What do YOU think about Orange’s favorite moment? Who should be interviewed next? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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