Water Ninjas Join Major Army Scene

WHITE HOUSE, Water Ninjas Empire – The community has witnessed a new army make their place into the major armies ranking. The Water Ninjas, a small/medium army powerhouse, have been through a tidal wave of events that shaped them into their image today. What did it take for them to become a major army?

The Water Ninjas were created in July of 2012 by Jayden1092 and Mario86385. They ran a successful stint as a small/medium army all the way until February of 2017, when they shut down following the closure of Club Penguin. However, they recently returned on August 23rd, taking the small/medium army scene by storm and bouncing back as if they had never shut down. Now, they have joined the plethora of other accomplished armies in the major army ranks.

The Water Ninjas maxing 31 at a recent U-Lead event

Since reviving in August, the Water Ninjas have made a definite mark in the community. They ranked consistently on the major Top Ten for the entire month of October. At their height, they were able to reach sixth place twice. Maintaining steadily impressive sizes, the Ninjas have also brought home many practice battle victories against other small-medium armies, truly rising to the top of the community. After a month of such remarkable performance, they have finally been granted major army status.

The Water Ninjas going against the Fighter Pilots in a practice battle, winning in a landslide victory

CP Army Hub was able to sit down with one of their current army leaders, Kayles, for a quick interview about the Water Ninjas’ rise to major.

First off, how do you feel about the Water Ninjas reaching major army status?

Water Ninjas reaching major was an amazing goal to accomplish. We worked so hard to get where we are today and in the end it all paid off. I couldn’t be more proud of the Water Ninjas leadership, along with everyone else who made this huge milestone possible.

How do you think the army will progress from here?

We still have a lot of room to grow, and I do see us being able to average larger sizes as we move on. Water Ninjas will definitely work our way into an army with great sizes, great staff, and an even better environment for all.

Any other thoughts or comments about this milestone?

We do want to strive to keep our army as fun as possible, and with our growth recently I’m sure we can keep it up.

Even though the Water Ninjas have joined the major army ranking, it appears that much is still in store for them. They have already proven themselves by climbing the Top Ten ranks and maxing great sizes. Can the month of November lead them to greater heights? What lies ahead for the Water Ninjas?

What do YOU think? How will the Water Ninjas continue to grow? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


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CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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