Double Trouble: Rebel Penguin Federation Declares War On Water Vikings

TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Shortly after the Dark Warriors declared war on the Water Vikings, the Rebel Penguin Federation has followed up with a war declaration of their own. What prompted these two armies to invade the Water Vikings?

In this game of Club Penguin, war is never far off. However, sometimes it comes sooner than you expect. A mere two hours after the Dark Warriors scheduled the first of many invasions in a war against the Water Vikings, the Rebel Penguin Federation entered this conflict as well, choosing to side with their close allies in black. This declaration marks the end of the Water Vikings-Federation alliance and ushers in a new era of competition instead. The two armies are set to meet on the battlefield on Saturday, first for the battle of Cream Soda and again on Sunday for Icicle.

In the Rebels’ war declaration, commanders Crazzy and Cosmo cited a build-up of tension between the Federation and the Vikings. Reasons ranging from Viking leaders making degrading comments against members of the Rebel High Command, celebrating the Federation’s fall from first on the Top Ten despite being allies, and an attempt to intervene with the Black Ice Alliance ultimately broke the trust between these two armies. From allies to enemies, the Rebel Penguin Federation set out a clear set of conditions, stating that this is a one-on-one war with no ally intervention, to be fought to the very end until one side comes out clearly victorious.

The Rebels declaration of war against the Vikings, click to enlarge

Additionally, the Ice Warriors, who complete the Black Ice Alliance trio, has so far remained out of direct conflict. Nevertheless, they released an article voicing their support for their allies as well as condemning the Water Vikings for a conflict they had against the Water Ninjas, who are a colony of the Ice Warriors.

Snippet from the Ice Warriors article, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub reached out to both armies for a statement, but the Water Viking declined to comment. However, Rebel Commander Crazzy was able to offer more insight on their choice to declare war on the Water Vikings:

As a leader I have to put my army first, and as a friend my allies come second. Being faced with a proposition to turn on two of my closest allies, and asked to join an alliance with the Water Vikings and Army of CP was simply out of line. After already being in a rough patch with WV because of comments made, this invitation to join them was far fetched. RPF is looking to successfully invade land this upcoming week, and we wish our competitors at WV luck. As for the Dark Warriors, I wish them luck as well as they take on the Vikings.

When asked about the nuances of the Rebels’ support for their allies, the Dark Warriors, Crazzy stated the following:

The Rebel Penguin Federation will be focusing on their own war with the Water Vikings. The Dark Warriors have their own battles to fight as well, and we are around if needed but it’s not our main focus right now.

With tensions rising and conflict on the horizon, perhaps we can only wonder what new twists and turns will happen next. What we can anticipate, however, is exciting days to come as the Water Vikings prepare to face the Rebel Penguin Federation and Dark Warriors in at least three battles within the next two days. What results will this war bring to us? Will there be any unexpected changes in the time to come?

What do YOU think? Is the Rebel Penguin Federation’s addition the last of the surprises? Or is something new lurking around the corner? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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