Black Seas War: Dark Warriors and Water Vikings Battle For Jackhammer

JACKHAMMER, Water Vikings Empire – Day one of the Dark Warriors-Water Vikings conflict has concluded, and thus the first result of the freshly dubbed ‘Black Seas War’.

Yesterday the news broke that the Dark Warriors would be initiating a conflict with the Water Vikings, and further shockwaves echoed across the community when the Rebel Penguin Federation also released their own declaration of war entitled ‘Burn The Boats’. But before the Vikings clash against the Rebels tomorrow, they would first have to defend their server Jackhammer against the Warriors.

As the clock struck 3:00pm EST, both sides entered the first room: the Snow Forts. A size difference of 14 was noted by the Judges, with the Dark Warriors ahead at 54 members in the room, and the Vikings at 40. It was clear to the spectators and Judges alike that both sides were giving their all, as they executed perfect word and emote tactics with such passion.

Room 1: The Snow Forts

The second room, the Ice Berg, saw the conflict intensify as both sides pushed hard to gain the upper hand. The judges witnessed more creative word tactics from both sides – the Dark Warriors issuing a ‘YOU LOOK WASHED OUT‘ following the Viking’s ‘SEA YOU IN THE DEEP END‘. Room two saw the size difference close, as 48 Warriors battled the 43 Vikings.

Room 2: The Ice Berg

The third and final room saw the battle conclude in the Stadium. The size gap closed more so to just one penguin, although the Dark Warriors remained ahead at 47 online. After a fierce effort from both sides, the results were finally announced by Head Judge Sophie. The Dark Warriors took victory in room one, while the Water Vikings stole the wins for rooms two and three. Sophie made the following comment:

In room 1, both armies performed well, but DW had a superior 10+ penguin size advantage, leading to their victory. However, throughout the battle WV had a much faster speed. In room 2, the size advantage for DW dropped to a 5 penguin difference. Formations looked similar and thus WV took the room due to their speed. Room 3 the size difference dropped to a one penguin difference. WV had some creative forms such as the I form and claw form, but DW also performed very well in the last couple minutes, succeeding in covering WV, who had become messy near the end. Nevertheless, WV’s speed persisted throughout and DW’s pause + struggle with form after their cross-country bomb allowed WV to take the room just barely as the beginning of the room DW and WV were neck to neck. GG to both armies on a brilliant battle, congrats to the Water Vikings for successfully defending. Looking forward to the next!

Throughout the battle, both sides amassed huge sizes and parried against each other with an array of sharp word tactics. Mentions of ally-use was a common theme, as each side accused the other of obtaining help from those not enlisted. With the Water Vikings taking the first victory, will the Warriors be able to turn things around next time? How will the Water Vikings fare against the Rebels tomorrow? With so many unknowns, one thing is sure: the storm of the Black Seas War will no doubt continue to rage on.

What do YOU think? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

3 Responses

  1. The WV win was total bullshit, the judges were biased 100%, DW was faster in every room and had a much larger size.


  2. 47 is wrong XD just saying….
    but yeah, DW definitely should have won….


  3. GG WV, they deserved the win! (DW is made cringe).


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