Cobra Attempts For Mass Templars Exodus as Internal Conflicts Arise

UNKNOWN Territory, Templars Empire – Drama flares in the Templars as Grand Prior Cobra attempts a rebellion and exodus against creator Xing. What went down behind the scenes that led to this?

On November 5th, Cobra, leader of the Templars, was banned from the Templars Discord server. This occurred following a string of behind the scenes drama where frustration with Xing and the current state of the army led to a confrontation. Cobra offered an ultimatum that either Xing abolished certain ranks, fired some people, and revamped the administration and high command power dynamic, or he’d leave the army with other High Command in tow.

Screenshot provided by Xing names blurred for privacy. Click to enlarge

Cobra’s proposed plan of action, click to enlarge

Xing refused, leading to Cobra’s leave from Templars as well as an uncovering of a mass rebellion effort against Xing. People banned along with Cobra were Ivy and Dino, a moderator and advisor, respectively. Additionally, Lydia, a Leader in Training, has left the army, with others potentially to follow. Due to the murky nature of the situation, CP Army Hub reached out to both Xing and Cobra for information on their respective stances. Cobra offered the following:

Alright well. What happened was I rejoin the Templars on October 22nd. Just to give some context, I led Templars back in 2018 and was made a Templar legend by October 2018. I returned after 2 years out of boredom and wanting to rise the army that has lost it’s feat in the community. I actually tried doing this in the past before in 2019, alongside my good CPA friend and co-leader in EGCP, Edu14463. However, that failed, just to give context. But yeah, many of us acknowledged that Templars lost it’s feat by mid-2019, as they fell behind in the evolution of things, due to Xing keeping Elmikey’s xat styled community.

So, I rejoined in an attempt to modernize the army and make them major, which was actually looking good. I did some reforms, like introducing recruiting quotas, logging high command activity, which resulted in the firing of some and I restored the moderator status in the army, also introducing a recruiting quota. Alongside Dino, we also helped introduce a newer welcome page and a newer verification. And I’ve been shifting the army to be less edgy and more accepting of the general community by having them denounce their past.

However, from my experience as leader, it was hard to get any reforms through Xing. Xing kept insisting we go to practice battles and even tried to get us in a war against SWAT, with an army that was not even ready. Not only that, but the constant pinging over his political opinons made things worse, alongside his pal Brownpen4, which whom I worked with in early 2018 in the Rebel Alliance. Xing has proven himself to be stubborn and not wanting change. Templars historically under Xing have hired a huge amount of useless, and rather incompetent high command overtime, leading to the armies fall, as well as leaders.

What occured last night was a practice battle against the skateboarders, where Templars went from maxing 30 the previous event, to maxing 11, with little to no high command on. It also dawned on me that basically no true recruiting was done during the election night. With all of the drama combined, I gave an ultimatum to Xing to abolish some ranks, fire some people, basically revamping the entire administration and high command. Xing did not feel this was right and he wanted me to work alongside the high command, but I denied that as I did not feel it was possible to work with such a dysfunctional high command with rather incompetent people. So with Dino and Pjayo, we assembled a force of high command to threaten to live if Xing does not let this radical but useful reform pass, as according to Pjayo, would be benefitial if we revamped the high command as such, and the server/site itself as well.

Conversation between Cobra and Xing provided by Cobra, click to enlarge

Conversation between Cobra and Xing provided by Cobra, click to enlarge

Conversation between Cobra, Xing, and Otter/Ivy provided by Cobra, click to enlarge

On the other hand, allegations quickly turned serious as Xing stated Cobra had threatened him, namely with screenshots of chat logs that Cobra believed would be detrimental to the Templars’ reputation. Due to CP Army Hub’s policy of right of reply, we reached out for a statement from Xing as well:

We didn’t max too well at the recent event and Cobra went haywire going out on HCOM, I told my staff members I would stand with them. Cobra had a problem with this, I think. Then I proceeded to tell Cobra, not to fire any HCOM but to instead, work with them. He proceeded to call HCOM retarded and got mad. After this, a GC was made with Otter, Lydia and Cobra. The three perpetrators (who were luckily caught and reported to me by people in their own ranks), had decided to formulate a plan to remove the older veterans from their places, aka Freedomist, CCRocket and Brownpen4.

Then, Dino had came in with “chat logs.” He had threatened to send the chat logs to CPAH and try to hinder our re-application for an unban into CPAH. These chat logs contain old things we don’t stand by, by the way. Otter went on to mention that, “CPAH reporters would go crazy over these things.” Then, I went scrolling through the chats of the group chat, finding many off-putting things. Such as “sugarcoating” a coup or calling certain HCOM members retarded and gullible. Then, I went on to “vent” or make my statement saying that, if Cobra wanted real change, he wouldn’t have allowed Dino to use my chatlogs against me or “sugarcoat” a coup against me and the Templars. Simply put, many if not all of us here think that Cobra was power hungry and was trying to introduce reforms to gain trust amongst everyone in the army. People such as Brownpen were suspicious of Cobra since he thought that Cobra was getting a bit too high on his power.

They will say my mental health as deteriorated due to this army. I will admit it has. But the fact that I am being “couped” in a sugarcoated way, will only worsen the mental health problems I already have. They will also complain that, I control the leaders. No, I don’t. We’ve gone through many things together and we have earned and won each other’s trust. I will also add the fact that, Cobra has been away from the Templars community for a very long time. So, he may or may not know about the day to day goings of the army before he had arrive, which were alot of day to day goings.

Cobra will also claim that I always opposed his ideas. This is simply not true. Brownpen and the others opposed it. I didn’t. I allowed him to go forward but I checked over everything he did to make sure it wasn’t messing up anything in the army. Only this time around, it was very out of line and not like Cobra. We are lucky we all caught this. I say this because the people who had no idea what was going on, notified me of all of this. The response from Cobra and Dino and Otter was also quite vulgar. I was called “retard, mongol, idiot” being the most common from them. Insults also included that, I was mentally handicapped or I was told to F off. In conclusion, this problem is over now. I am thankful we caught this in time and Templars lives to fight another day.

Conflicts due to “chat logs” from the Templars, click to enlarge

Xing states that Cobra intended to remove old veterans such as Freedomist, CCRocket, and Brownpen4 and alleged that Cobra’s actions were a blatant power-grab. Additionally, he provided screenshots of conversations between those involved with Cobra proving their attempts at a coup.

Names blurred for privacy; click to enlarge

In his statement, Cobra surprisingly admitted to threatening Xing and stated that he decided to leave the army when this failed. However, he also vouched that his actions did not originate from a lust for power but rather a desire to see the army succeed.

Sure, we threatened Xing, but we did it to better the Templars. But it failed when Xing did not comply, and when Echo fell back on their word. This resulted in ongoing infighting, and my leave in the Templars. I was very angered by Xing’s stubbornness, and I hope the future armies to war with him teach him a lesson about not falling in line.

Xing continues to call this a “powergrab”, but I did not look to gain power in the army. I am already a legend of the army from two years ago, and I could care less over personal power. I only wanted the power to better the army, and many agreed to side with me, but now Templars is currently in shambles after this.

CP Army Hub conducted a short interview with Xing to learn more about the future of the Templars.

What will the Templars do moving forward from this situation?

The usual, recruit and grow in size. It is expected we will only grow larger. We will also apply for an unban in CPAH quite soon.

How do you feel, and what will be done about anyone who attempted to coup you?

They’ve already been banned. So it’s nothing really. At first, it stressed me out but as the night ended, I told myself that this wouldn’t matter in the long run. So, nothing will happen, I wish all of them the best of luck, they’ve been forgiven.

Do you plan to implement any changes to the Templars after this incident?

Except for some rank swapping, nothing much, everythings going as usual.

Do you have any last words for everyone and the CP Army Hub community?

Expect us soon ;]

One situation; two very different sides and perspectives. Ultimately what we can be sure of is the Templars’ loss of Cobra, Lydia, Otter/Ivy, and Dino. How will this affect them in the future? Will the Templars apply for a CP Army Hub unban be successful?

What do YOU think? How will this situation progress? Who is in the right? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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