The Next Leader: Camotes of the Special Weapons And Tactics

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest edition of The Next Leader, written by Reporter Kally. In this weekly column, the CP Army Hub staff acquaints themselves with the Leaders-in-Training of our army community. After all, they are the future leaders of the army community. This week, we talk to Camotes from the Special Weapons and Tactics. What are his thoughts on leadership? What should we expect from him? Exactly who is this future leader?

In this edition of The Next Leader, we get to know Camotes from the Special Weapons and Tactics! Camotes kicked off his army career in the Royal Family in June 2019. He worked his way up to a moderator rank. This provided him with a chance to learn the ropes of being part of an army’s staff team. After a while, he decided to retire from the community.

A couple of months later, Camotes was drawn back into the army scene and he rejoined the Royal Family. However, shortly thereafter, the army shut down and he switched to the Elites when they were revived in May 2020. Camotes first joined Elites as a visitor, but after a long time, he decided to join the staff team.

During his stay in the Elites, Camotes learned even more about the behind-the-scenes of armies. He also met new people, who opened the door to major armies for him. Camotes then joined the Special Weapons and Tactics server. After the Elites shut down, the “Spanish King” made the official and final switch to SWAT.

For almost half a year now, Camotes has worked hard in SWAT to climb the ranks and bring innovative ideas to the army to help it grow. Over time, he dedicated more and more time to the army, collecting promotions along the way. On September 19th, he earned his second-last promotion to Leader in Training.

Said promotion, announced by SWAT creator Ganger90, praised Camotes for being always being there for the army. His loyalty to his army and their allies does not go unnoticed, as Camotes spends countless hours attending and leading events.

Ganger90 announcing multiple SWAT promotions, including Camotes. click to enlarge.

CP Army Hub staff reached out to Camotes for an exclusive interview. What are his thoughts on armies and leadership?

If you became leader today, what would be the first three things you would do?

The first thing I would do would be to thank the current leaders for the great opportunity they are giving me by accepting responsibility as great as managing an army.

The second thing I would do would be to make the SWAT community grow more with my other colleagues including all members of the staff and HCOM, I would also like to make the Spanish speaking community grow.

And the third thing I would do would be to participate more by performing tactics for the events, since not all the leaders are always online, I really like helping people who need my help and that makes me happy.

Why would you (and not anybody else) make a good leader for SWAT? What differentiates your leadership style from others?

Despite my time zone I am active most of the time, almost every day until the early hours of the morning despite my private life trying to attend the events that have been planned I am there whenever some situation occurs in which I I am also open to answering the doubts of new members when they send me dm and I have also helped to activate the account of new members, thus encouraging the integration of new members to attend events and grow our community

I see you’re very community-oriented, would you say that is your favourite part of the army community as well? Or would it be something else like tournaments, war, or recruiting?

I think everything must be balanced, both the way you get along with the members, and the responsibilities you have in the army, events, and recruitment.

Who do you look up to? Is there anyone that has influenced your army career the most?

My history in Club Penguin has been somewhat short, but with a lot of variety, but mainly I thank the SWAT leaders who give me this great opportunity to be part of the leadership of an army. As such, I don’t admire anyone, but I think I admire and respect all the people who are leaders in any army.

Last one! If you could only use one emote tactic, which one would it be?

I like that question a lot, since it happened to me just when leading a tactic in an event, instead of saying EQ / EW flicker I said EQ + EQ which caused a fun moment in the army and until today we still remembering this moment, in fact if they see my nickname in SWAT it’s EQ / EQ king, so I consider that my favorite emote is EQ.

The infamous E+Q/E+Q tactic, click to enlarge

Camotes is ready to take on the leader role and he aims to help SWAT rise and help the Spanish-speaking community in the army grow. Over time, during his relatively short career, he has learned how to manage and lead a major army. When will Camotes’ dream of leadership come true? 

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Camotes’ view on leadership? Let us know in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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