Ice Warriors Schedule Invasion For Army of the Orient Seas Empire

PARKA, Army of the Orient Seas Empire – After invasions upon land swooping in from left and right, the Ice Warriors have scheduled an invasion upon the Army of the Orient Sea’s capital, Parka. Why have the Ice Warriors diverted their attention away from Water Vikings in this ever-changing war?

Two hours after declaring an invasion on the Water Vikings‘ territory of Shiver, the Ice Warriors have chosen to invade the Army of the Orient Seas‘ capital Parka, in an unexpected bid to claim the army’s only server before its planned shutdown tomorrow. The invasion is scheduled five hours before the Army of the Orient Seas’ final event, “The Last Dance“, which means that should this invasion be successful, the seamen may close down without any land to its name.

Ice Warriors leader Regan notifying Intrinsic about the upcoming invasion.

However, barely ten minutes before the Ice Warriors issued the invasion, Army of the Orient Seas leader Intrinsic attempted to transfer their capital to the Water Vikings, who are currently at war with the Dark Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation. The Vikings’ leader Cliff, accepted the transfer, but RPF Commander Crazzy deemed this transfer invalid, according to the Rebels terms of war against the Water Vikings regarding no server transfers. This flurry of events may have been why the Ice Warriors declared the invasion upon Parka in the end.

RPF leader Crazzy shuts down the server transfer attempt by AOS.

We approached both parties for statements on this incident and Ice Warriors’ reasoning behind this invasion. The Army Hub team approached Regan, who gave the following statement:

We gave our full support to our brother allies during their wars. At the end of our post we put out a warning to all armies saying that if they get involved directly or indirectly they shouldn’t “Step on Black Ice”. We felt AOS did this by transferring their server to the Water Vikings during our allies wars. Some quick thinking from our leadership came up with the idea of invading after we noticed the transfer would be invalid thanks to RPF’s war terms. This is nothing personal against AOS but something we felt must be done with the aim of assisting our brother allies.

Alternatively, the Army of the Orient Seas leader Intrinsic only had a couple of words to say in response to the invasion:


This invasion, although not directly connected to the war, may end up being another free patch of land as the Ice Warriors and Black Ice Alliance empire grows larger. Intrinsic’s response speaks volumes, despite being short in content as it appears the Army of the Orient Seas may not be able or not even want to defend their land for the last time. Will this invasion spur the Ice Warriors on to continue their bid for further domination on the world map? We’ll have to see in the coming days as this intriguing war keeps unfolding.

What do YOU think? Are these quick-fire invasions from the Ice Warriors going to continue or will they sit back and let their allies pursue the ongoing war? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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