Frosty Tensions: Ice Warriors Battle Water Vikings For Shiver

SHIVER, Ice Warriors Empire – The Ice Warriors invasion of the Water Vikings’ server Shiver saw two mighty ‘AUSIA’ forces come to blows, but what exactly happened on the battlefield? And who came out on top?

On November 7th the Ice Warriors joined their allies in scheduling a third invasion against the Water Vikings. Considering they had previously been rather close as allies, it was quite a surprise when the Ice Warriors took an offensive stance against the Vikings. With the pressure on, the Vikings were eager to resist against the powerhouse Warriors and remain in possession of their server Shiver, while the Warriors were prepared to show their former allies that they wouldn’t back down.

Room 1: Inside Mine

To start this frigid battle off, the armies exploded into the Mine. During their entries, both the Ice Warriors and the Water Vikings demonstrated astonishing big word bombs. While the Vikings held their own with speedy bombs and emotes, the Ice Warriors creative tactics and quicker formations proved too much for Water Viking’s smaller size.

Room 1: Inside Mine

Room 2: Iceberg

In the second room, the Warriors entered with a ‘NEVERWV‘ x7 bomb, while the Water Vikings dropped in with a solid E9 frenzy. The Norse army showcased their speed with several colourful emotes, and the Warriors combatted them with various dramatic word tactics: ‘WE ALL KNOW YOU’LL GET FORCE TREATIED EVENTUALLY‘ they declared, as the Vikings responded with “RARARA”.

Room 2: Iceberg

Room 3: Snow Forts

In the final room, the tensions picked up as the clock drew closer to calling time. The Water Vikings sped into a remarkable backwards-L formation, but were quickly overshadowed by the Ice Warriors’ colossal plus. Despite the Vikings inventive tactics and clever bombs, the Warriors used their size to their advantage and covered them significantly. The two armies fought hard throughout the room, but again the Ice Warriors had the size advantage on their side.

Room 3: Snow Forts

The results were called by Judge Otter, and the battle concluded in a 3-0 victory to the Ice Warriors. As the Water Vikings lose their server Shiver, can we expect more invasions from the Ice Warriors? And how will the Black Seas War progress against the Rebel Penguins and Dark Warriors?

What do YOU think? Who will come out victorious from this war? Will Water Vikings be able to keep their land safe? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments!

CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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