Izuno Jumps Aboard Skateboarders Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Skateboarders Empire –  The Skateboarders leadership saw a new face join the team on November 6th. Lydia, one of the current leaders of the Skateboarders, welcomed Izuno, the newest leader of the army. How will this leadership change affect the army?

The Skateboarders rolled into the community on October 27th, under the leadership of Ot_ter and Doruk. The army was originally intended to be a revival of the infamous Skaters of CP. However, due to the wishes of the army’s creators, Ot_ter (also known as Ivy_) rebranded the army to the Skateboarders. Soon after the opening event, Doruk was couped from the leadership due to his inactivity. The Skateboarders have displayed a great amount of grit in their events. Other than hosting lots of practice battles to train their troops, they even placed third on the Small/Medium Top Ten lists last week.

The Skateboarders’ opening event.

Izuno, also known as 4207b, first joined the Dark Warriors in 2012. She led the Doritos earlier this year and is a Templar’s Legend. Izuno was enlisted other armies such as the Pirates, Redemption Force, Golden Troops, Water Vikings, Winged Hussars of CP, and Ice Warriors. Izuno is currently Fifth in Command in Dark Warriors, and an advisor in the Secret Service.

CP Army Hub managed to get an exclusive interview with Izuno to hear her thoughts about her new role.

What were your first thoughts when you were promoted? 

I was really excited about leading an army and I was also thinking about how much good I could do for the army. I’m hellbent on making the army the best it can be and enabling people to make friends and have fun. I’ve made so many connections and helped establish them by leading armies. I love the thought of making someone else’s day better because you never know what they could be going through.

What do you want to accomplish as the Skateboarders leader?

I want to enable people to make friends and have fun, and also i want to make this army the greatest it’s ever been. I take pride in this position because of the platform it gives me, I can inspire hundreds — maybe thousands of people to do something amazing in life. I want to ensure that diverse people such as LGBTQIA+ and people of color are safe in this army. my ultimate goal is to show that you can do anything if you put your mind to it and work hard. we are the universe experiencing itself, you just need to align yourself with what is already yours.

How do you think things will look for the Skateboarders in the future?

Honestly, I think the future for the Skateboarders will look amazing. We have very supportive and amazing leaders here. I predict that this army will one day become big enough to be a major army and we will be known for our acceptance of everyone.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Everyone here is amazing and capable of doing great things for themselves, for their family, and for other people.

Izuno certainly has high expectations for the Skateboarders. This leadership change brings exciting new plans for the Skateboarders. The question is, how will the Skateboarders change under Izuno’s reign? Will we see the army rise to major army status under her?

What do YOU think? Will Izuno prove to be a worthy leader? Will the Skateboarders reach major army status? Let us know in the comments section below!


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