New Bag: Doritos Hold Revival Event; Intrinsic Promoted To Leader

SUMMIT, Former Doritos Capital –  Nearly two months after their closure, and following a merge with the Royals, the Doritos have returned to the community. But what happened at their revival event?

On November 1st a post entitled ‘Back in Business’ was released on the Doritos of Club Penguin website, and detailed the reasons for reviving the famed army. Since, the Doritos new staff team have been working hard to recruit for their return event, which was scheduled for earlier today at 4:00pm EST. CP Army Hub broke the news of the Doritos revival last week and even managed to get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the new generation. Since this release, the Royals have decided to merge into the Doritos and join their staff ranks.

Exactly one week after this announcement, the Doritos logged onto the CP Armies server White House for their first event of this brand new generation. They managed to achieved a maximum size of 57 penguins, while performing an array of appropriate word tactics, such as ‘WE’RE BACK IN BUSINESS‘. The Army Hub managed to speak with pleased leaders Zire and 32op after the event:

Zire: The Doritos Return event went better than expected to be honest as we managed to achieve above our aim, as we maxed 56. This is only the start of the Doritos and we can only improve from this. Overall, it was a great event and I’m glad to be back leading the Doritos with the likes of 32 Maroon and Rah. 

32op: The revival event went great, we managed to pass our goal for this event and we’ll continue to build our sizes and have fun events. We also announced a new leader, Intrinsic, he has been working incredibly hard for DCP and is one of the most loyal troops I’ve ever seen in CPA. DCP will continue to reach great heights under our leadership.

November 8th: The Doritos Return

The Dorito members were also treated with a surprise promotion following the thirty minute event, and the news of Intrinsic’s promotion to leader was announced on the army’s Discord server. This comes after Intrinsic closed down his army the Army of the Orient Seas and enlisted in the Doritos as a second-in-command.

We were able to speak directly to the latest Dorito leadership addition, Intrinsic, in an exclusive interview.

Are you excited to assume the Doritos leadership position?

Yes, DCP is a great army with a rich history and I am glad that I can finally lead here alongside legends like 32op, Maroon, Rah, and Zire. I will be working hard on growing the army and especially the AUSIA division… and some other things that will be unveiled in due time.

Are you sad to wave goodbye to the Army of the Orient Seas? Have any of your troops followed you to the Doritos?

Yeah definitely but I am excited to move on and do even better with DCP and to be honest I didn’t count LOL!

What’s next for the Doritos with you as their leader?

DCP came back to have an unproblematic generation and just chill and have a good time.

It would appear that Intrinsic and the rest of the Doritos are ecstatic to get the ball rolling on this new Dorito generation following a great first event. They already have a special ‘Dorito Dinamita‘ training event scheduled for Tuesday, with the hopes of continuing their successful size. How will they fare? And what’s next for this freshly opened bag?

What do YOU think? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 

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