Black Seas War: Rebel Penguin Federation Freezes Water Vikings On Icicle

ICICLE, Battleground – Merely hours ago, the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings went head to head in the Battle of Icicle. Which army won the fight and the server?

As the Black Seas War rages on, more and more battles are taking place. Today featured the invasion and defense of Icicle between the Rebel Penguin Federation and the Water Vikings. The fight was intense and both armies were eager to win. Throughout the battle, the Rebels hit a max of 89 and the Water Vikings maxed 42. With this in mind, the judges had an exciting battle ahead of them!

Room 1: Iceberg

Kicking off the battle in the Iceberg, both armies entered with huge bombs. The armies both held excellent forms during the room, including a fantastic upside-down T from the Vikings and a smooth A from the Rebels. The two armies showed off fantastic speed. Both armies fought hard for this room, but due to a huge size difference in favor of the Rebel Penguin Federation along with their immense tactics throughout the room, the judges awarded the first room to the Rebels.

Room 1: Iceberg

Room 2: Stadium

The second room started off with amazing bombs from both armies. They swiftly transitioned into their starting formations: an X from the Rebel Penguin Federation and an upside-down T from the Water Vikings. The armies traded creative word tactics and exciting bombs throughout the room. As time passed, both the Rebels and the Vikings witnessed their speeds pick up. Despite the fight put up, the size difference from the first room carried into the second — as a result, the judges awarded the second room to the Rebels.

Room 2: Stadium

Room 3: Inside Mine

The final room saw both armies enter with bombs, quick to move into formations. The Rebels formed an A to kick it off, while the Vikings made a Y. The Rebel Penguin Federation once again held their size advantage throughout the room. In spite of this advantage and the Federation’s ability to cover up the Vikings, the Water Vikings fought back eagerly. Their speed picked up in this room, allowing them to show off their tactics. However, they were unable to recover from the size differences — the battle concluded with a Rebel victory in the third room.

Room 3: Inside Mine

After the battle concluded, the judges released the results: a 3-0 victory for the Rebel Penguin Federation.

Despite the great effort that WV put in all 3 rooms, the size difference was just too big to ignore. In the first room, WV was completely covered at the beginning but started showing more with their upside down T formation but it was still not enough. In the second room, WV was doing decent at the beginning despite again the huge size difference however RPF’s Z formation was too perfect and got them the dub there. For the third room, RPF was able to get in faster, but both armies did well in this room. However, the size difference was just too much. Great job WV for pushing on despite the size difference and congrats RPF for seizing this server!

The battle was exciting to watch and a pleasure to judge. Congratulations to the Rebels and well done to the Vikings! What comes next in this war?

What do YOU think? What do you think of the results of the battle for Icicle? What direction will the war go in? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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