Island Invaders Return With A Splash; Turnage Joins Leadership

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Island Invaders Empire As of late, the Island Invaders have reopened their doors with a very successful revival event. What led to their return?

The Island Invaders were founded on May of 2020 by Moani. Although they didn’t achieve any major accomplishments, the Island Invaders were able to place on the Top Ten list in CP Army Media a couple times. However, on June 12th, Moani shockingly informed her co-leader, Alien, about her upcoming leave from the army. With Alien as the only remaining leader, the army went inactive and stopped hosting events. On June 29th, Moani officially announced the army’s shutdown due to a lack of troops and a widespread of inactivity.

Island Invaders on the Top Ten list in CP Army Media

On November 7th, the army was revived by Legoman and Pumpkin. The Midnight Troops, another small/medium army, had also announced their merge into the Island Invaders around a week prior in a post found here. The returning army had a very successful revival event, maxing an astonishing size of 20 troops.

The Island Invaders revival event

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Legoman for a statement regarding the army’s revival.

Sorry lol I was doing 100 single arm push-ups. The Island Invaders were a swell little army when they were initially released, and we at II think we can make it not just swell, but also nifty. I actually found this army by doing random letters after the “!army” command on CPAH, and I thought they looked like chill little marshmallows. So I was like “aight lez revive em or smth.” So then I did. Also big shoutout to my wife Firestar08.

Only a day after their revival event, the Island Invaders welcomed a new commander, Turnage, to their leadership. Following this announcement, the new leader stated, “turnage turnage, in all seriousness this army will have fun but will not be a joke army. love you guys and stay safe. E H”.

Legoman announcing the addition of Turnage to their leadership

With a very successful revival event and a brand new leader, it seems that the Island Invaders hold great potential for the future. Under the leadership of Legoman, Pumpkin, and Turnage, what lies in store for the Island Invaders next? How will this army fare in the future?

What do YOU think? What heights will the Island Invaders reach under their new leaders? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


CP Army Hub Associate Producer


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