Ice Warriors Invade Parka And Force Treaty Army of the Orient Seas

PARKA, Battle Ground – Stemming from the Black Seas War, many conflicts have occurred in the community since the beginning of November. Most recently, the Ice Warriors invaded the Army of the Orient Seas’ last remaining server: Parka. Why did the invasion occur, and how did it impact the two armies?

On November 7th, the Ice Warriors shook the entire community by declaring an invasion on the Army of the Orient Seas’ server Parka. Earlier that day, the Army of the Orient Seas had made an unsuccessful attempt to transfer said server to the Water Vikings. As alleged by the Ice Warriors, the oriental army infracted their warning to outside armies not to meddle in the Black Seas War and also offended the predetermined “no server transfers” war term. Thus, the Army of the Orient Seas was met by this treaty. As they approached the battle on November 9th, the Warriors prepared for their invasion at the Docks and did some warm-up tactics. As the time for the battle grew closer, the Ice Warriors fell silent, and the familiar tension that comes before a rigorous battle settled in.

At 5:00 pm EST, the Iceberg was announced as the first room. The Ice Warriors quickly marched into it and bombed into an X formation. However, it soon came to their attention that the Army of the Orient Seas was nowhere to be seen. This encouraged the Warriors to mock their opponents by calling them “no shows”. For the entire duration of the room, the Warriors’ opponents remained absent. Since the Army of Orient Seas made no attempt to defend, the Ice Warriors automatically won the battle and the server Parka too.

Room 1: Iceberg

The CP Army Hub team contacted the Ice Warriors leader Erick09, to understand their thoughts about the invasion and their plans for the future. Erick’s response was as follows:

Regan already mentioned it before, AOS involved their army in this war when they tried to transfer land to the Water Vikings when we warned everyone to not get involved. It looks like we’ll keep supporting our allies until the end.

The successful acquisition of AOS’s last server allowed the Warriors to force treaty them. Five minutes after the battle, Erick09 released the treaty that the Ice Warriors wished to enforce on the Army of Orient Seas. This treaty was nicknamed “Treaty of Farraigi Reo” and contained a few interesting clauses:

Treaty of Farraigi Reo, click to enlarge

The CP Army Hub team reached out to Intrinsic, Army of the Orient Seas leader, for a statement regarding the battle and the treaty. He offered the following:



The invasion rendered the Army of the Orient Seas landless five hours before the army was scheduled to close down. The Ice Warriors certainly proved that their warning “Do not step on black ice” was not just an empty threat. Meanwhile, the Water Vikings continue to defend as invasions rain on them from three different sides. Can the Vikings somehow turn the tide of this war?

What are YOUR opinions on this invasion? Do you think that the Army of Orient Seas should have defended their land? Will the Black Seas War possibly end sooner than expected? Let us know in the comments section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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