LIVE BLOG: A Timeline of the Black Seas War

All updates have been added.

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – As the community descends into disarray, you may find that allegiances and invasions are increasingly difficult to keep track of. This timeline will detail all major events of the Black Seas War so far and will be updated regularly to reflect the latest events.

  • November 12th: The Black Seas War concludes with the Black Ice Alliance armies claiming a victory over the Water Vikings. The Water Vikings dispute this.

  • November 12th: The Water Vikings announce they are leaving the CP Army Hub league, thus releasing ownership of all their servers. The Ice Warriors schedule invasions for this newly announced free-land, but Chief-Executive-Officer freezes the server map for a short period of time.

  • November 11th – In a CPAH Special Report, we revealed Special Weapons and Tactics leader Kaliee has been attending Ice Warrior and Dark Warrior invasions on an alt account, thereby breaking the WV-SWAT force treaty. This invalidated the previous invasions and returned the servers to Water Viking control.
  • Furthermore, and even more damning, Kaliee’s multilogging exploits for the Dark Warriors has also resulted in a direct breaking of their own war terms. In addition, the Water Vikings broke war terms with their previous attempt to accept a server transfer from the Army of the Orient Seasduring the war. As a result of this, the Dark Warriors-Water Vikings war is completely invalidated, meaning all of the action, be it server invasions or anything else, is reverted to what it was before the war. This will be supported and enforced by the Army Hub.

  • November 11th – The Ice Warriors successfully invade the server Below Zero, while the Dark Warriors won the server Jackhammer with a 2-0-1 score.

  • November 10th – The Water Vikings strategically reschedule their invasion of the Dark Warriors server Jackhammer for 2:00pm EST – the same time as the Ice Warriors invasion of Below Zero.

  • November 9th – The Water Vikings counter by scheduling a re-invasion of Jackhammer, for Wednesday while the Dark Warriors are set to invade Snow Fort on Friday. Additionally, the Ice Warriors are invading the Viking server Below Zero just an hour before their re-invasion of Jackhammer.

  • November 9th – The Army of the Orient Seas lose their final server Parka to the Ice Warriors, and receive a force treaty that stops their future involvement in conflict with the Black Ice Alliance.

  • November 7th – A surprise but illegitimate move saw Army of the Orient Seas leader Intrinsic attempt to transfer the army’s final server Parka to the Water Vikings. The Ice Warriors responded by scheduling an invasion on said server.

  • November 7th – The Rebel Penguins successfully invade the server Cream Soda from the Norse army’s empire, stealing a 3-0 victory.

  • November 6th – The Dark Warriors scheduled an invasion for the server Jackhammer at 3:00pm EST, but the Vikings took victory a 2-1 victory and defended their server.


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CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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  1. So wait? When WV hcom doxxed swat leaders(albeit not to wv leaders knowledge) none of the war was made invalid? But when one person from swat logged on for dw without Dw leaders knowledge they get their invasions invalidated? But yes the league is not biased


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