The Unprecedented Rise of the Secret Service; How They Achieved First In Just 14 Days

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Secret Service Empire – Only fourteen days after opening, the Secret Service reached a prominent milestone. In this short amount of time, they were able to rank first on the Small/Medium Top Ten successfully. How did they achieve this accomplishment so quickly?

The Secret Service was created by TD999 on October 20th. The army’s first event took place four days after its creation. The event was successful as they maxed 12 troops and were verified by CP Army Hub two days later. Currently, the army is led by TD999 and Toxic Storm (Sauron). They have been hosting various events in the last two weeks, varying from AUSIA to UK/EU events, allowing them to place consistently high on the Small/Medium Top Tens despite being a new army with no past history.

The Secret Service’s opening event

The Secret Service had a great start by snatching third place the same week that they revived. This was immediately followed by topping on the S/M Top Ten the next week. For the week when they got first, the Secret Service held a total of five events, starting with two that were AUSIA. The first was a training event with 8 troops in attendance, and the next was a Star Wars Takeover reaching a max of 9. Following this, they held an unscheduled US event maxing 8. Their next event saw them face off against the Ninjas in a practice battle, achieving a size of 11, before they joined forces with the Skateboarders in yet another AUSIA event to finish off their week. This balanced combination of AUSIA and US events, as well as a consistently stable max, allowed them to finish first with 30+ points.

Recent Secret Service event

The scoring for the week where the Secret Service achieved number one on the Top Ten, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub was able to catch up with Secret Service creator TD999 for an interview on this notable milestone.

What do you think helped the army achieve the first position after just two weeks?

A lot of things. SS was built up from scratch & we were able to recruit lots of dedicated troops & staff members. I wanted to help my last army EFCP achieve great heights but I wasn’t able to do as much as I did for SS due to my inactivity. So EFCP had to shut down after 6 months but it did do pretty well. I went inactive for a bit and returned to the community the same month. After returning I wanted to achieve what I couldn’t with EFCP. That’s when I created SS. Then Along with Toxic Storm who I just met 1-2 weeks ago, we built up SS into what you can see today. It was hard considering it’s a new gen army and many people did not believe SS will work out but we wanted to prove them wrong so we did all that we could to ensure SS can do well. Even though the first 2 weeks were great for SS, we still got a long way ahead of us to make sure that we don’t die and stay as a stable army considering rn is really hard for most s/m armies.

What are your plans to maintain your first ranking or advance into the major Top Ten?

Just host more events, recruit more etc. to advance into major TT. We have lot’s of ideas which we are not sure if we will implement it yet but right now we are just gonna go with this.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes. Shoutout to Toxic Storm (Sauron) you are a big help and also all Secret Service HCOM, Staff, and troops!

Even though the Secret Service has only opened recently, they have already made their presence known by climbing the rankings so quickly. Part of this may be due to their successful use of the AUSIA curve. Will they maintain their position and continue to grow, or will this be the peak of their accomplishments?

What do YOU think? Will the Secret Service continue their rapid growth? Let us know in the comments section below!


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