CPAH Special Report: Special Weapons and Tactics Multilog In Black Seas War

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters, Investigation’s Office – The Black Seas War has produced a significant amount of drama and controversy over the past week, but none as shocking as a multilogging operation from a Special Weapons and Tactics leader, that not only breaks their force treaty with the Water Vikings, but also costs their allies several successful invasions. 

UPDATE: In addition to the logs of the accounts, CP Army Hub was alerted by a community member that Kaliee allegedly has access to the account “Destiny770.”

Kaliee’s alt being discussed

The current community-wide conflict, dubbed the Black Seas War, has seen the Water Vikings go head-to-head with two members of the Black Ice Alliance: the Rebel Penguin Federation and Dark Warriors. The Ice Warriors also began invading Water Vikings territory, though they have not declared war. Most recently, on November 11th, the Water Vikings attempted to re-invade their server Jackhammer from the Warriors, but lost in a 2-0-1 score. 

Routine multilogging checks of both armies at the Dark Warriors-Water Vikings battle earlier today led to a shock finding. With the help of the CP Armies ‘Multilog Detection’ bot, a discovery was made regarding Special Weapons and Tactics leader Kaliee. The bot found that she attended today’s battle on not only one, but two different accounts.

It must be noted that the ‘Multilog Detection’ bot does NOT disclose the IPs of accounts, even to administrators. When accounts with the same IP are detected, the IPs are hashed, but still marked as being the same. The findings, which have since been verified by Superhero123, were as follows:

  • The account Kaliee was linked to the penguins Kaliee77, Destiny770 and Oliviaaa
  • The accounts Destiny770 and Oliviaaa were present at the battle on November 11th.
  • The account Destiny770 was present at the battle on November 9th.
  • The account Oliviaaa was present at the battle on November 6th. 

The picture below is from the battle for Jackhammer on November 11th, and shows account Oliviaaa present in the third battle room, the Ice Berg, while the account Destiny770 waits in the Forest. 

The following imagery is from the Dark Warrior-Water Viking battles on November 6th and November 9th.

November 6th

November 9th

The accounts Kaliee, Kaliee77, Destiny770 and Oliviaa are all connected via login IP.

The secrecy and mystery does not stop there. The account Destiny770 was submitted as an Ice Warriors troop in the account approval channel, while the account Oliviaaa was approved despite never being put in the account approval channel.

The severity of the situation is only amplified when one finds out that it breaks the Water Vikings-SWAT force treaty, which is in effect until January 1st, 2021. The treaty includes the following terms:

SWAT cannot invade or assist in invading the Water Vikings or any of their brother allies (ACP, AOS, and any others in the future, until the expiration date of this treaty). Any invasion/help from SWAT against any of the aforementioned armies/servers will be deemed invalid.

There is no doubt that SWAT have broken this treaty, and by Kaliee logging online for the Dark Warriors invasion, she has also rendered the Dark Warriors victory invalid. SWAT are close allies with the Dark Warriors and Kaliee, therefore knew the risk she was taking. As a result of this, the invasion result from earlier today has been amended so that the Water Vikings have now successfully reinvaded the server Jackhammer. 

With the Dark Warriors-Water Vikings conflict thoroughly examined, we turned our attention to the Ice Warriors and Rebel Penguin Federation invasions. It was then discovered the account Oliviaaa was present at the Ice Warriors’ November 8th invasion of Shiver. As a result of this, the server Shiver has been returned to the Water Vikings empire due to the Special Weapons and Tactics leader Kaliee knowingly breaking the terms of the force treaty, thereby knowingly rendering the invasion invalid. None of the accounts could be found present at the two Rebel Penguin Federation invasions. 

We contacted Kaliee directly and presented the evidence we found. She responded with the following statement: 

Huh? I only have my Kaliee account and Kaliee77 when I couldn’t get into my Kaliee one. I don’t have any alts. It’s not me I only use my Kaliee account so there’s nothing else to say. 

I’m confused as to why you would ever accuse me of breaking the rules in any fashion. I’ve been in the community for months and in that time I have shown nothing but respect towards the rules that you guys have set up. I have continually asked how to prove myself and am given no options to do so. If you seem to think you have a right to accuse me of something I have not done you need to give me the option to prove my innocence. As you are not doing so I don’t feel like I should continue to respect you as you are showing you have no respect for me.


The conclusion of this investigation is such that, firstly, the multilogged accounts will be taken off the Dark Warriors maximum size when being counted for the Top Ten this weekend. In addition, the Special Weapons and Tactics will be receiving a ten point deduction for their leaders’ exploits. 

Furthermore, and even more damning, Kaliee’s multilogging exploits for the Dark Warriors has also resulted in a direct breaking of their own war terms. In addition, the Water Vikings broke war terms with their previous attempt to accept a server transfer from the Army of the Orient Seas during the war. As a result of this, the Dark Warriors-Water Vikings war is completely invalidated, meaning all of the action, be it server invasions or anything else, is reverted to what it was before the war. This will be supported and enforced by the Army Hub.

The Dark Warriors war terms

The action of just one person, and a supposed ally at that, has rendered many of the invasions across the past week invalid. CP Army Hub takes the terms of treaties and wars very seriously and will not hesitate to ensure the upholding of the consequences. Let this be a lesson to those considering similar acts of dishonesty and cheating in the future: don’t.


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Vice President


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


3 Responses

  1. So does this mean Dark Warriors lost their war because of one person?


  2. ^ Yes


  3. Pretty dumb, multilogging 2 penguins won’t make a difference and you knew that you would screw war terms if you did it, congrats on losing 2 lands


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