NotManuGinobili Rejoins Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – The Water Vikings witness a familiar face return to their leadership: their former Viking Commander, NotManuGinobili, nearly two months after his departure from the army. What led to his return?

NotManuGinobili, or Manu for short, started his army career in 2012, enlisting in the Nachos until moving over to the Army of Club Penguin shortly after. Many years later, Manu returned to the army community in 2019, achieving impressive accomplishments in armies such as the Rebel Penguin Federation, People’s Imperial Confederation, Lime Green Army, and more, until he eventually joined the Water Vikings. He then reached a leadership position within the army on July 23rd and led the army to new heights.

Water Vikings invasion of Cozy under Manu’s leadership

On August 30th, Manu announced his retirement from the army to focus on his real-life career in the Navy. This shocking event occurred following the start of the Eagre Foray war against the Special Weapons and Tactics. After the departure of Manu, the army went on to conclude the Eagre Foray war and host fun events within the army.

However, a couple months later, news about Manu’s return broke on the army’s official discord server on November 11th, shortly after the beginning of the Black Seas War. Viking Legend and former Council member, Pjayo, excitedly made the announcement regarding Manu’s return.

Announcement of Manu’s return, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub managed to sit down with Manu for an exclusive interview regarding his return.

What made you enroll back into the Water Vikings leadership?

My school for navy is a lot like college and so I figured it’d be better to do something like this than get drunk or get in trouble.

How do you feel about the Black Seas War occurring at the moment?

I think it’s dumb.

Now that you’re back in charge, what do you want to offer as a leader this time around?

I want to get our numbers up the other leaders have worked hard to achieve great maxes in my absence and I intend to build on that and have fun while doing it.

Should we be aware of any upcoming plans from the army?

Yea we’re going through a major facelift and we’ll be rebranding to UMA.

It seems that Manu is definitely excited to return as a Viking Commander. Without a doubt, Manu is determined to achieve more accomplishments within the army and reach new heights. With the exciting return of their former leader, how will the Water Vikings fare? What lies in store for them next?

What do YOU think about Manu’s return? What heights will the Water Vikings reach under their new leader? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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