A Day In The Life Of An Advisor

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – A big decision is never too far around the corner when keeping CP Army Hub running. Often, the administrators need to hear from a range of opinions when making important decisions. On these occasions, they go to the advisors to shed some light on these changes’ potential impact. What exactly do these advisors do?

In the latest edition of our weekly Thursday column, “A Day In The Life Of…,” we take a look into the daily schedule of an Advisor, who works closely with the administration to influence the decisions and policies that are implemented in the league. There are currently seven people who work as an advisor at CP Army Hub: Crazzy, CSY, DMT, Iceyfeet1234, Julia, Kingfunks4 and Orange, all of whom have been chosen for their experience and influence within both the army and army media community. But do they actually do anything in the league?


What is an Advisor?

An advisor is someone who, as previously mentioned, has been picked to offer their opinions to the administration on key issues with both running of the league as well as the media. Our responsibilities vary from person to person based on our strengths, and we all approach the role differently. For example, I have been heavily involved with the legend induction process and will help Pookie437 and Luciferstar organize the future 2020 inductions. In addition to this, I was recently asked to make and adjust the Top Ten formula, including working with Orange to add an AUSIA curve and the new ‘consistency’ system. Other advisors have worked with the administration on various things, including offering advice on upcoming tournaments, putting their input in on the army representative system, and suggesting changes to some of the rules we implement.

What does a day look like for an Advisor?

Every day is different for an advisor at CP Army Hub, and the challenges that we face vary all the time based on the needs of the administration at the time. On the other hand, the administration’s needs largely depend on what is happening on the community and whether there are key issues to discuss. Notably, our workload is normally enhanced during tournaments or wars when the league is much more active. However, most mornings I wake up check the administration channel in the CPAH Discord server, which includes the admins (Chief Executive Officers, Executive Producers, and Vice Presidents), Developers, and advisors. Normally, I’m greeted by some poor jokes from Orange about Chaos, which I’m forced to scroll through before I can get to the important bits. However, sometimes I am immediately met with important and sometimes urgent developments that have happened overnight.

Orange talking about graphics for the upcoming winter tournament.

As advisors, we are often called to provide our input for decisions about to be made in the league. Normally, we provide our input in the form of informal conversation. However, on rare occasions, meetings are called and scheduled to discuss bigger issues (such as Club Penguin armies after flash). Something we have recently inputted on includes changes to the cap on Top Ten size points–we adjusted it from 100 to 80 to make it fairer. Together, the advisors agreed to implement this change and review progress every few months.

An example conversation, click to enlarge

Yes, advisors actually do have productive conversations. Click to enlarge

Sometimes when there is an ultra big decision or announcement that is pending, not even the advisors know what will happen. For example, when the big news dropped about the Black Seas War and the term violations, advisors were left out of the loop. This is mainly to ensure fairness as many advisors are representatives or important people in major armies. Instead, we normally receive cryptic messages from Pookie about upcoming events, such as the message below where he warns us of ‘something coming soon’:

Pookie’s very detailed and helpful message, click to enlarge

While the admins, editors, and reporting team do the heavy lifting in the league, it is important that they have guidance from individuals that have been involved in media (for example, DMT) or major armies, both currently and in the past. This means that the advisors can shed light on the potential impacts that a particular decision will have. Moreover, with the panel of advisors being so diverse, we can offer a range of opinions from across the community, meaning that almost every major army is represented and the admins can further gauge the effectiveness of their decisions.

A day in the life of an advisor varies greatly daily, considering that the issues we deal with constantly changing. Still, it is fantastic to be involved in CP Army Hub’s decision-making process and be one of seven advisors that offers their opinions and experience to help develop the community for the better. Understandably, all seven advisors have been important in the development of the league, and hopefully, we can continue to offer our advice and help continue to improve CP Army Hub.

What do YOU think? What do you like and dislike about the advisor position? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Advisor 


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief



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