Buddy Retires from Water Vikings Leadership

FROSTBITE, Water Vikings Empire – Water Vikings legend and leader Buddy has recently announced his retirement from the army, instead choosing to remain as an active member of the Panel of Guardians. What were his reasons for retiring?

Originally recruited back in 2011, Buddy made his way to fame through multiple armies. The first army he ever led was the Night Divers, who were soon followed by the Air Force. After his departure from the Air Force’s leadership, Buddy joined the Water Vikings, where he occupied leadership positions and off from 2014-2016. In 2015, he briefly departed for the Pretzels leadership but eventually ended up returning to the Water Vikings. Throughout his extensive career, Buddy would then go on to lead other famed armies such as the Marines, Rebel Penguin Federation, and Golds until Club Penguin’s demise. 

2014 Water Vikings Event (Max 60)

Ultimately, Buddy returned, rejoining the Marines leadership in April of this year in the new CPPS era. He went on to lead the Golden Guardians with former Water Viking leaders Pjayo and Adden. This army had a successful run, but soon the leadership decided to move onto bigger and better things. They, alongside Water Vikings legend Kingfunks4, revived the Water Vikings in May.

A Water Vikings event following their revival

On November 12th, an announcement was made in the Water Vikings discord server by Buddy, declaring his retirement from the army. He stated that he had not been “WV’s most active leader” and that he would be stepping down to remain as a member of the Water Vikings council.

Announcement of Buddy’s retirement, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub reached out to Buddy for an interview on his retirement.

What’s was your main reason for stepping down from the army?

Well, to be more specific I’ve only stepped down from the leadership, I still intend to be a part of the High Council of Vikings. As for my stepping down, I’m just far too busy right now with school, work, and other responsibilities to put in enough effort to lead. I don’t want to be the reason a hard-working 2ic can’t get promoted, so the best move for me right now is to step down and hold Funks’ hand as we watch all our prodigies handle the Water Vikings

What’s your favorite memory been with the army since the return of WV?

I can’t pick just one specific memory. I think the overall memory I will have of getting to work with some of my old CPA friends again like Funks, Revan, Adden, Change, Pjayo (just to name a few) will stay with me forever. It’s been a real treat and I’m extremely grateful.

Finally, do you anticipate your return to leadership?

I don’t see any return for me as of right now, but anything is possible!

After a long and successful tenure in armies, Buddy has made the decision to step down due to real-life responsibilities, stating that he wants to leave room for Water Vikings’ future leaders. Certainly, these future leaders have some big shoes to fill. Will they rise to the occasion? Or will they ultimately fall short? 

What do YOU think? What’s in store for the Water Vikings after Buddy’s retirement? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Reporter


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