The Next Leader: Max of the Army of Club Penguin

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Welcome to the latest edition of The Next Leader, written by Reporter Kally. In this weekly column, CP Army Hub staff acquaints themselves with the Leaders-in-Training of our army community. After all, they are our future leaders. This week, we talk to Max from the Army of Club Penguin. What are his thoughts on leadership? What should we expect from him? Exactly who is this future leader?

The Next Leader logo Max

For this week’s edition of “The Next Leader,” we move just a couple of offices down to visit our very own Executive Producer Max! As a man of many talents, he is part of the Administration team of CP Army Hub and a Second in Command in the Army of Club Penguin.

Max’s army career started a decade ago with the Pirates. Like many others, he was first recruited into the army scene by the infamous Waterkid100. During his time with the Pirates, Max also had his first experiences with leading. After three years, he decided to hang up his pirate hat for a low moderator rank in the Nachos.

After working his way up the crunchy ranks of the Nachos, he eventually became a Third in Command and UK Divison leader in the army. Following these demanding tenures in the Pirates and the Nachos, Max then went on to try out various higher command and leadership roles in many different armies. These included legendary armies such as the Water VikingsDoritosGolden Troops, and many others.

After the Original Club Penguin shut down, Max retired from the army community in 2017. However, his retirement did not last all too long, and only two short years later, he returned to the icy battlefields. On November 19th, 2019, Max decided to join the Army of Club Penguin as a Private.

Accompanied by his experience, “Mr. Max” once again swiftly worked his way up the ranks. Only three months after his return, he earned his promotion to the rank of Second in Command. Now, for almost a year, Max has dedicated countless hours to the events and the people of the Clover army. Moreover, Max is an advocate and a voice for the LGBTQ+ members of the army community.

In his lengthy career of ten years, Max has gathered an abundance of experience. He has tried various roles as a leader, an excellent reporter, and even an army league admin. His work does not go unnoticed, as he gathers win after win on the battlefield and view after view on every article he posts.

Csy announcing Max's promotion to 2ic in February

CSY announcing Max’s promotion to 2ic in February, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub staff visited Max in his cozy office for an interview in pursuit of the following: what are his thoughts on leadership?

Max Interview Section logo

If you become a leader tomorrow, what would be the first thing you’d do? What event would be the first one you plan?

If I became leader tomorrow I would host a ‘Timothée Chalamet Appreciation Event’ in which all Army of CP members would be forced onto the slopes of Mammoth wearing brown floppy hair and an array of immaculate alternative clothing items like the Penguin Band Hoodie. Just kidding – that would be my second event! The first event would be an Inauguration Ceremony for myself because I’m extremely narcissistic. This event would involve ACP POG Mchappy crowning me in an intimate igloo ceremony as the DRACP soldiers cheer.

Oh, we’d love ourselves some Lil Timmy Tim… You have been a part of the community for quite some time. What do you still have on your army bucket list?

I’ve been in this community for way too long and have achieved very little, thanks for reminding me :frowning: But I wouldn’t describe myself as very ambitious: the only thing on my ‘army bucket list’ (not that I actually have one) would be to earn the rank of ACP Leader. In my view there really is no rank nor award that could top that honour and everything that comes with it – providing the ACP family with a safe and enjoyable environment.

Hey, I wouldn’t say reaching the position of Executive Producer in CPAH is a small achievement! Talking about leading, what is your favorite aspect of leading? Is it the wars, or maybe friendships, or anything else?

Innovating. It’s something I’m very passionate about and led to the creation of ACP’s Delta Division – a force in the Army of CP that witnesses the ACP soldiers learn the very latest tactics, formations and movements created. Every battle or event I lead, I like to push the boundaries and try something that has never been done before. Something fresh and exciting. My current favourite would be the ‘Z wipe’, but some old goodies like the Zippers movement continue to be an ACP-staple.

Has this innovative side to leading been influenced by anyone in your career? Has there been anyone you looked up to particularly?

My time as a Nacho third-in-command/UK division leader in 2013 under leader Puckley had an enormous impact on my army career. He was known for warfare innovation and I would definitely say I inherited my passion for it from him. I will never forget the battle in which he pioneered the Tour Guide Hat bomb – it was just so unique and exciting. In fact, ACP began using the “DOOM” x8 entry bomb tactic back in April of this year, which eventually caught on in the community. This was one of the tactics he created and I remembered well from my time serving under him.

Last one! We all know you have a flair for writing, but if you could use only one word tactic for the rest of your career, which one would it be?

So difficult! It would have to be ‘GREEN TOGETHER FAMILY FOREVER’ because it was one I created for the ACP and it has since become a staple. I also think it perfectly sums up the sentiment of the ACP. Despite the name, we’re not really an army. We’re much, much more than sitting penguins on a virtual game. We’re a group of people from different backgrounds and varying locations across the globe that have united together and found joy in an online community. One big, happy family!

With plenty of experience under his side, Max is always ready to lead and innovate. Now, he humbly awaits to tick off the last dream on his army bucket list. Just one question remains: when will Max join the Clovers’ leadership?

What do YOU think? Do you agree with Max’s view on leadership? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  1. The future is bright for ACP. I couldn’t think of a better person to lead ACP after CSY. Love you Max! GREEN TOGETHER, FAMILY FOREVER!


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