Ram Em Departs From Most Wanted For Secret Service Leader

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Secret Service Empire – Since her promotion, Ram Em was slowly making a name for herself as a Most Wanted leader. Just last night, however, she stepped down to a Leader-In-Training position to join the Secret Service. What exactly happened to cause such a huge leadership shakeup?

On October 20th, TD999 created the Secret Service alongside Toxic Storm/Sauron. They maxed 12 at their very first event, an amazing feat for a brand new army. Their consistent sizes of 8+, their mix of AUSIA and UK events, and their hardworking troops recently earned them a number one spot on the Small/Medium Top Ten, setting them up for high chances of future success.

Secret Service’s first event, maxing 12

On the other hand, the Silver Empire recruited Ram Em into their ranks in May. Since then, she joined a few of their allies, remaining fairly active in the small/medium army community. She even created a joke army of her own called Bullied By Jimmy of CP. However, its activity gradually declined and Ram merged it into Most Wanted for a Leader in Training position. After working there tirelessly, she earned her rightful leadership role. Following a few action-packed weeks and several successful events, Ram Em made a shocking announcement. Unfortunately, she decided to leave her beloved army, citing personal reasons and discussion with the other leaders.

Ram Em’s announcement, click to enlarge

However, this did not last. Despite originally meaning to leave Most Wanted for good, Em spoke to her former co-leaders, and they made a unanimous decision. Instead of leaving, they concluded that it would be wiser for her to stay ranked as a Leader in Training to avoid running into the past internal issues they faced previously. Moreover, this would ensure that Ram can focus on her new army, the Secret Service.

Amongst all this confusion, CP Army Hub reached out to Ram Em to get a quick statement on the situation.

So basically, after I left MW Toxic gave me an offer to be leader in SS. At first I was reluctant because of my past experience as leader in MW but I decided to take it because who knows what could happen. But yea in the end, I took the job and I am super excited to be working with everyone there.

It seems that despite some previous conflicts of interest, the future is bright for Em in her two armies. Her co-leader in Secret Service, Toxic, even described her as “one of the best members I know in CPA.” Will she be able to lead the army to even greater heights while maintaining good relations in Most Wanted? Or will history repeat itself? 

What do YOU think? Is Ram Em up to the task? What could she possibly have in store? Let us know what YOU think in the comments!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


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