Top Ten Armies [11/8/20-11/14/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The latest rankings see the revival of a historic army and a new claimant of the top spot.

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↑ 1. Ice Warriors [98.23]

↓ 2. Rebel Penguin Federation [96.26]

♦ 3. Army of Club Penguin [85.97]

↑ 4. Dark Warriors  [78.46]

[NEW!] 5. Doritos of Club Penguin [73.35]

↓ 6. Help Force [71.41]

↓ 7. Water Vikings [68.91] 

↑ 8. Silver Empire [43.53]

↓ 9. Water Ninjas [41.50]

 10. Secret Service [38.48]

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1. Ice Warriors:  The Ice Warriors held a total of six events this week. They started off with an AUSIA Invasion of Shiver on Sunday in which they maxed 54. Later on the same day, the Warriors engaged in a practice battle against the Secret Service with a total of 56 troops. On Monday, the Blue Army invaded Parka with 57 troops in attendance. On Wednesday, the Ice Warriors held yet another invasion: this time invading Below Zero with a total of 61 penguins! To finish off their eventful week, the Warriors held two events on Friday. The first was an AUSIA War Training event with a max of 51 while the second was a Re-Invasion of Shiver with a peak of 62 warriors!

2. Rebel Penguin Federation: At the start of the week, the Rebel Penguin Federation was still engaged in their war against the Water Vikings. Thus, on Sunday, they held an AUSIA Operation: Gambit training in preparation for their next battle, maxing an impressive 47 troops. Their next event was their invasion of Icicle from the Water Vikings. With an impressive size of 89, the Federation successfully claimed the server in a 3-0 victory. Afterward, 39 Rebels dressed up as monsters for an AUSIA training event. Following this, they had another spooky US event, maxing 47. Wednesday and Thursday saw two EU events, the former being a ghost-themed event with a max of 53, and the latter being a training event with 52 troops in attendance. The next day on Friday, the Rebels had an AUSIA Mad Scientist event with a 45 max. Not long after, 57 Rebels logged onto CP Rewritten for a fun stamp collecting event. Following that, they held an AUSIA firefighter event, seeing the size of 35 troops. To conclude their week, the Rebels had a branch battle, achieving an impressive 62 max and ending things on a high note.

3. Army of Club Penguin: The Army Of Club Penguin held 9 events this week. They began with a US coronation event on Monday, peaking at 50. On Tuesday, they held an AUSIA knight event, also with 50 troops in attendance. Later that day, they held a UK dragon event, with 42 clover defenders in attendance. Wednesday they held a UK/US “jousting battle” with SE, where they hit a max of 53. They held an AUSIA “spell” event on Thursday, where they reached a size of 47. The same day, they held a US royal wedding event, peaking at 43. On Friday, they held a UK/US “save the king” event, where they hit a max size of 38. To finish off their week on Saturday, they had an AUSIA practice battle with the Doritos, maxing 40 troops, followed by a UK umbrella event, where they hit a max of 55.

4. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors had a jam-packed week centered around their Black Seas war with the Water Vikings. To kick things off, they invaded the server Jackhammer with a jaw-dropping size of 70 warriors. Afterward, they were forced to defend the same server from the Vikings, and ultimately succeeded with yet another impressive 63 max. Their next event was an AUSIA war training with 28 troops in attendance. Finally, to finish off their week, the Dark Warriors invaded the server Snow Fort with a size of 37.

5. Doritos of Club PenguinThe Doritos were welcomed back with five events. They held their return event on Sunday, maxing 57. They then held a training with a max of 48. They battled the Dark Champions and came out victorious with a max of 42. They also battled the Army of Club Penguin, maxing 34. Finally, the Doritos maxed 64 at a Spanish division event. Well done!

6. Help ForceThe Help Force had a busy week with a total of seven events. They started their week with a Skeleton Takeover, peaking at 47. Following the Takeover, they held a Lantern Corps event with a max of 38 troops. An AUSIA Trick or Treat stamp heist saw an astonishing total of 49 troops, and a Sledding Rush Hour event peaked at 39. On Thursday, the Helpers held a second Stamp Heist with 45 troops in attendance. A day later, 38 AUSIA Helpers logged on for a Blue Soccer Jersey Takeover. Finally, they went on a third stamp adventure of the week, counting a max of 46 stamp hunters. A busy, but fun week filled with many stamps collected for the Help Force!

7. Water Vikings: The Water Vikings had an eventful week, almost entirely having battle events! They maxed 31, 42, and 3 at their first three battles of the week. Then, they maxed 57 and 41 in the next two. Finally, the Vikings had a training event with a max of 31.

8. Silver EmpireThe Silver Empire kicked off with a Find Four tourney where they saw a size of 12. Their next event was a battle against the One Direction Army with a max of 21! They then hosted an AUSIA Dance Contest maxing 8 before facing off against the Army of Club Penguin with a massive size of 21. They wrapped up their week with 3 fun events, a Lion King themed event with a size of 17, an AUSIA Sled Racing with a size of 9 and a final Hide and Seek event with a size of 15.

9. Water NinjasWater Ninjas held a total of four events this week. They started their week with a U-Lead event where they maxed a total of 21 penguins online. They followed this up with a training event where they peaked at 24. Soon thereafter they held a Practice Battle with the Templars where they saw sizes of 22. They finished their week with another training event where they saw a total of 22 penguins online.

10. Secret ServiceSecret Service occupied themselves with a week filled with battles and trainings. They kicked off the week with a Hulk Smash themed event, maxing 11. They then held a AUSIA training with 9 troops attending. The army then faced off the Food Fighters in a practice battle, maxing 10. They then took on the Ice Warriors divisions to the battlefield, with 11 troops in attendance. Following after, they then held a US training and unscheduled AUSIA event, maxing 6 for both events respectively. To end the week, the army participated in a practice battle against the Golden Troops, maxing 12.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


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CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


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Top Ten Committee

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