Christmas Chaos X: A Ten Year Legacy

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – CP Army Hub takes a moment to glance back at the history of the Christmas Chaos tournament, while also announcing details of this year’s edition of the tournament, Christmas Chaos X.

The Ten Year Legacy

Christmas Chaos is a tournament originally held by Club Penguin Army Central every year, first beginning in 2011. There were a total of six Christmas Chaos tournaments hosted by CPAC, with Penguin Press hosting the seventh edition and Club Penguin Online Army League hosting the eighth and ninth editions.

This year, Club Penguin Army Hub is proud to invite sixteen armies to participate in the tenth edition of the Christmas Chaos tournament. With the return of previous champions such as the Dark Warriors, Doritos, and Rebel Penguin Federation to the tournament, will those armies continue their reign or will an entirely new champion be crowned?

RPF vs. DW – Christmas Chaos III Finals. (If you look close enough, you may see a familiar face!) Click to enlarge.

Invited Armies & Seeding

Christmas Chaos X will see the top sixteen armies pitted against one another in a four-round, one bracket tournament. While Fright or Fight was a two bracket tournament, CP Army Hub has decided that any tournaments that are not CPAH original tournaments (such as Legends Cup and Christmas Chaos) will be part of our Legacy Series of tournaments and will have only one bracket since that is how the tournament was run in the past. Armies are invited and seeded as per their performance in the Top Ten in the last three weeks. Should any army opt, other armies may be contacted to fill any vacancies. Please stay tuned to this post for any possible changes in matchups due to opt outs or replacement armies.

Invited Armies

1. Rebel Penguin Federation

2. Ice Warriors

3. Doritos

4. Help Force

5. Dark Warriors

6. Water Vikings

7. Special Weapons and Tactics

8. Island Invaders

9. Silver Empire

10. Pizza Federation

11. Wild Ninjas

12. Dark Champions

13. Secret Service

14. Red Ravagers

15. Golden Troops

16. Fighter Pilots

The Army Representatives for these armies will be approached by administration within the next 24 hours. Please respond as soon as possible, but no later than Saturday, November 21st, as that is the latest we hope to finalize and publish the tournament schedule. As usual, we will be providing Predictions and Meet the Judges content as part of our Christmas Chaos X coverage, so please stay tuned!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer

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  1. water ninjas ;-;


  2. What bout Golden Troops?


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