What If: The Community Merge Never Happened

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – “You can’t spell community without unity.” The unification of rival communities CP Army League and CP Army Media was a defining moment of this year. Weeks of effort from the top brass of both leagues resulted in the dawn of CP Army Hub. Finally, the army members had found a banner to reunite under, bringing an end to the long-standing division. What if the community merge never happened?

CP Online Army League was formed after the original Club Penguin Armies league shutdown. Epic101, in an attempt to revive armies, decided to collaborate with the popular CPPS, Club Penguin Online, and formed the league. Soon, the army community started witnessing huge sizes, as veterans returned and new members joined. However, at the same time was a growing dissatisfaction between two groups of the community. In February 2020, CP Army Media was created, by members of three armies who did not wish to operate within CP Online Army League. With people around the world suddenly finding a lot of free time on their hands due to the lockdown conditions, the army community witnessed a huge influx of players. By May 2020, the CPPSes Club Penguin Online and Club Penguin Rewritten had become widely popular.

Unfortunately, Club Penguin Online soon shutdown after it received a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) from Disney. This left the entire CP Online Army League homeless, and several members left the game forever. Not all hope was lost as the members of the community finally came together and started hosting events on the CPPS CP Armies: The Game. This move was the first step towards the merge.

Superhero123 introducing CPATG to the community.

There remained one barrier between the final unification: CP Army League. After Club Penguin Online shut down, the CPOAL members rebranded the league to CP Army League and continued to operate as a community separate from CP Army Media. After many rumors, speculation and far-sighted thinking from the administrators of both leagues, the two communities finally came together under the CP Army Hub. LuciferStar‘s post titled, “The Unification”, first revealed the plans of the merge to the community.

However, what would be the situation if this merge had never happened? Here’s what LuciferStar had to say about the reasons for the merge:

Multiple events lead to the inevitable merger of the communities tbh, the most prominent of them being the closure of Club Penguin Online. Had CPO still continued its operations, a merger would have been less likely. But now we had both our playerbases using an individual platform, that being (former) CPA:TG. Another factor would definitely be because the two administrations worked in close proximity with each other through LCX, and it was finally decided that the two communites uniting under one banner, CPAH, would be the best option for the following last few months of Flash.

So, in a scenario where Club Penguin Online had never shut down, the two groups would have likely continued to maintain their differences for a much longer, if not indefinite, period of time. In my opinion, the absence of a merge would mean that more than 85% of the events that occurred since the merge would never have taken place in the same way. Let us take into account the most prominent power in the army community: the Black Ice Alliance. Comprising of the Rebel Penguin Federation, the Ice Warriors, and the Dark Warriors, this alliance of major armies is capable of defeating any threat to their empire. However, the very reason the three armies came into contact with each other was the merge between the leagues. Without the existence of a common platform, the two Warrior armies would have stayed isolated from the Rebels. Considering that the Rebels are often referred to as the biggest army of the community, the alliance would certainly be much less strong than it is now.

Armies would often host coin events in Club Penguin Online to act as an incentive for troops to attend. The top Club Penguin Online armies like the Pirates would still be around, acting as the major contenders for the title of “top army”, alongside the Doritos. Speaking of whom, the Doritos’ war with the Black Ice Alliance has no chance of being fought as the alliance itself would be incomplete. Other than that, a lot of the other wars would also never happen due to major contenders being uninvolved.

The advent of CP Army Hub brought in the most organized system ever seen by the army community. CP Army Media’s system, inspired by their motto “For the armies, by the armies”, combined with CP Army League’s experienced and community-based system came together to form a so far perfect organization. This includes the readiness of judges for even the most minor of battles, regular and quick flow of news, the strict moral code and the stringent rules that ensure fairness for everyone. All of that would never happen as the two separate factions would continue to operate as they were.

The September drop has been striking terror in the hearts of army leaders since forever. This year, the effects of the period were not as profound as seen before. Several major armies continued to max their usual size while armies like the Army of Club Penguin even witnessed a growth in sizes. However, a lot of the armies survived this period due to the support of their newfound allies from across the leagues and the new members. In the scenario of no merge, it would be safe to say that a lot of the armies would not have stayed as strong as they did this year. The September drop would have hit as hard as ever, reducing many armies to mere memories in the hearts of their troops.

It is also obvious that many of the tournaments, like the Beach Brawl and the Fright or Fight would not have been as enjoyable if they had been hosted by separate leagues. For one, the large number of armies participating in tournaments was only due to the merge. Without enough opponents, tournaments would just be hosted for the sake of it.

In conclusion, a lot of the major events that took place since June would not have taken place if the two leagues had not merged. Things in the army community would be much different from how we know them today. This article just helps us realize the importance of the value of unity. It shows us how we can, as one big, strong, diverse yet unified community, accomplish any goal we want to. It is certainly in our best interests to maintain this community.

What do YOU think? What would have happened if the community merge had never happened? Would things still be the same? Let us know in the comments section below!

Scorpion Demon

CP Army Hub Editor-In-Chief


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