CPA Legend Mchappy To Host ‘Aces of AUSIA’ Tournament

MAMMOTH, Army of Club Penguin Empire – Following a lot of anticipation, CP Army Legend Mchappy is thrilled to announce the first ever AUSIA tournament of the army community. What does this tournament have to offer?

Hardly a few weeks after the Fright Or Fight tournament concluded, a new championship has set foot in the community. On November 16th, rumors regarding a much awaited AUSIA tournament broke out on the Army of Club Penguin Discord server. Soon, CP Army Legend and the Army of CP’s Panel of Guardian, Mchappy, made an announcement regarding the upcoming tournament that is scheduled to commence on November 28th. This gathering, organized by the Army of CP, has already gained popularity among the massive AUSIA community in most armies.

The announcement about the tournament on the Army of Club Penguin’s Discord server.

The tournament, nicknamed “Aces of AUSIA”, will see ten to twenty armies battle against each other in a four-round tournament. Armies will be seeded as per their AUSIA size points in CP Army Hub’s Top Ten armies lists, and the battles will be held at AUSIA timings. This championship is an effort to acknowledge the AUSIA divisions which have been supporting the army community since many years now.

Details regarding the tournament. Click to enlarge.

To those fascinated, army representatives are anticipated to be invited by the organization before the tournament begins. It should be noted that the schedules for the competition will be displayed in the following days coming. Apart from that, the tournament is expected to hire judges and provide a fun time for those interested. The guidelines regarding the tournament are noted down below and more details can be found here.

Rules within the tournament.

CP Army Hub managed to grab an exclusive interview with Mchappy to learn more details about the upcoming tournament.

What made you put together an AUSIA tournament?

Quite honestly there is a demand for it. There has never been an official AUSIA tournament for the community, but it’s always something that’s been talked about. Since an era is coming to a close (Flash), I figured it’d be best to go out doing something no one has done before while bringing together the community in a new, unique way.

What is something you’re looking forward to when the tournament starts?

I think I’m most looking forward to seeing the faces who normally don’t get to attend tournament events. Our leaders and members who live in the AUSIA region often pull off multiple all-nighters during tournament season, and I know firsthand how exhausted they get. Not everyone can afford to do that. This time I’m hoping to see a lot of optimistic, new faces who are ready to be apart of history.

Is there something you want to accomplish or achieve during this tournament?

I’m just hoping to pull this all off. It’ll feel super rewarding to know that people enjoyed the tournament and felt as passionate as I do about doing something to this caliber. In 2013, despite some pushback by my HCOM, I hired Flipmoo into ACP to create the first ever AUSIA division for a major army. Putting our foot through the door is the first step and I’m hoping it pays off.

Any final comments you would like to add?

If you’re apart of the AUSIA community, please take a minute to contact your army leaders and let them know how important a tournament that is more time friendly could be for you. As we all know with tournaments, there can only be one winner, but (as cheesy as it sounds) I feel that all those who participate in the Aces of AUSIA are winners. This tournament will be remembered as the first of its kind. The more the merrier! Stan LOONA.

As you can tell, Mchappy seems excited to bring the AUSIA division of the community into the limelight. Furthermore, he appears confident that this tournament will definitely go down in the history books. Without a doubt, this tournament will be something to look forward to as we prepare for the end of Flash. With the tournament slated to start on November 28th, how will the various participants fare in the new scenario?

What do YOU think about this AUSIA tournament? What will this tournament have to offer to the community? Will your army participate and win in this tournament? Or do you expect a different army to win it? Let us know in the comments section below!


CP Army Hub Reporter


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