Fire Ninjas Schedule Then Cancel Silver Empire Invasion

UNKNOWN Territory, Fire Ninjas Empire- Only an hour after being approved as an army, the Fire Ninjas declared an invasion on the Silver Empire. Later, the army mysteriously called it off. What were the events behind these peculiar shenanigans on part of the Ninjas? Created in 2013, the Fire Ninjas is an army that did not enjoy much limelight. On November 17th, the army was revived under the main leadership of Ronaldo Vargas. The other leaders of the army include Aggiepie, Todorokook and epic gamer moment. The army managed to max 10 in their verification event.

Fire Ninjas maxing 10 in their first event. Click to enlarge.

Soon after they were accepted as an official CP Army Hub army, Ronaldo scheduled an invasion of the Silver Empire‘s server Permafrost. This invasion came as a surprise, as the Silvers are known to be one of the top Small/Medium armies. Soon afterwards, Ronaldo even announced his plans to declare a war against the Silver Empire. The invasion of Permafrost was scheduled for November 28th.

A few hours after declaring the invasion, news surfaced that the Fire Ninjas were now a colony of the Secret Service. Later that day, Ronaldo cancelled his invasion, and also announced that the war had been called off. This certainly invoked mixed responses from the community.

Ronaldo declaring and then calling the war off.

To find out more about this bamboozling incident, the CP Army Hub team reached to the leadership of both the Fire Ninjas and Silver Empire. Here’s what Silver Commander Amber had to say:

I was a bit confused and surprised if I’m being honest. Fire Ninjas approached me earlier in the week asking about allying with SE and I told them I would get back to them sometime soon. Before I could get back to them they set up an invasion apparently without consulting one another. I feel like it was one big lack of communication amongst their leaders. I started looking forward to it though haha

Fire Ninjas leader Ronaldo provided the following statement regarding his decision:

at first, I started it because I didn’t like SE and canceled it because it was pointless because I would lose

Clearly, Ronaldo cancelled the invasion feeling that Silver Empire had a much higher chance of winning the battle. While this attempt of the Fire Ninjas to acquire a server of their own was foiled, they certainly will be back stronger than before. Will the Fire Ninjas try to invade another army’s land in the near future?

What do YOU think? Could their be another reason behind Ronaldo scheduling and cancelling the invasion? Will the Fire Ninjas fare better than their previous generations this time? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee

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  1. gj nik and oh frick- that should raise tensions now between FN and SE


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