Mare and Grace Rejoin One Direction Army Leadership

SPARKLES, One Direction Army Empire – After Mare, Grace, and Phoebe departed from the One Direction Army leadership a month ago, two-thirds of the former leaders, Mare and Grace, decided it was time to make a comeback. What led to their return?

The One Direction Army was created by Aubz on April 28th and was also led by Mare since the very beginning. However, just one month ago, Mare and her fellow leader, Grace, departed from the One Direction Army leadership to shift their primary focus on the Eagre Forary, a war that took place between the Special Weapons and Tactics and the Water Vikings.

However, before Mare and Grace retired from the army, they were able to accomplish a couple feats. The One Direction Army was able to reach fourth on the Small/Medium Top Ten under their leadership. Along with this, the army had a brief war with the Golden Troops in which they were able to reach an impressive size of 26 troops.

ODA vs. GT during the short war

On November 17th, just a month after their retirement, One Direction Army leader Aubz announced the return of their former leaders, Mare and Grace, in a concise statement.

Aubz announcing Mare and Grace’s return, click to enlarge

With Mare being a leader and Grace being a Second in Command with the Special Weapons and Tactics, the duo will have their hands full with their return to the One Direction Army leadership. How will they overcome this?

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Mare and Grace for an interview regarding their return to the One Direction Army.

Why did the two of you decide to return to ODA Leadership?

Mare: That’s a great question, I wasn’t expecting that question…. I came back because I wanted to help Hannah

Grace: That’s a great question!! I believe ODA has some unfinished business

What types of things can we expect from ODA now that the two of you are back leading?

Mare: There’s a lot of things you can expect from us. First thing first, JAM nights ODA will be having lots of fun, second thing is taking ODA to the TOP because (oda on top) duh, third is us building the army making it a spunky funky junky new and improved army ODA ON TOP… wait I already said that

Grace: We hope to bring ODA back to the top by also having fun!!

What are you wanting to accomplish as leaders?

Mare: I am hoping to build the army and create a fun environment perhaps even gain a few more servers.

Grace: As a leader I would like to bring ODA TO THE TOP!!! By creating a fun and happy environment for everyone in order to make the directioners once again proud KITH

What kinds of “Unfinished Business” does ODA have?

Mare: Unfinished business

Grace: Oh wow… just know we have unfinished business

It seems as if Mare and Grace are more than excited to be back in leadership with the army that gave the two of them the experiences they have today. It is clear that both former leaders have high hopes for this new chapter in their army careers. With all this in mind, how will the One Direction Army fare with the return of Mare and Grace? What lies in store for the army next?

What do YOU think? What heights will the One Direction Army reach following the return of their former leaders? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Reporter

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