Oli Returns To SWAT Leadership; Battle vs. Army of the ACP

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, SWAT Empire – Only a month after departing from the community, former leader, legend, and godfather Oliver returns to join the Special Weapons and Tactics leadership. What led him to return?

Oliver, or Oli for short, joined the army community in 2009, starting in the Special Weapons and Tactics army. Sooner or later, he would eventually rise to a Third in Command position and be promoted to Leader in Training later in 2012. However, he departed from the army after some inactivity. Nevertheless, he would later return to lead SWAT for a few months in 2014 until retiring in September of that year. After six years of retirement, Oli enlisted back into the army in April 2020. From there, he would lead the army to impressive maxes of 40+. On the other hand, he even created a successful Small/Medium army, the Mango Corps. Under his leadership, the army ended up placing seventh on the S/M Top Ten.

SWAT battle against Ice Warriors divisions.

On October 19th, Oli announced his retirement from the army and distanced himself from the army community. This retirement, along with SWAT leader Aubz, occurred following an event reminiscing his and Aubz’s time in the army. After the departure of Oli, the army continued hosting events with respectable maxes of 20+.

Oli and Aubz’s retirement event

However, only a month later, Oli decided to end his retirement. His return was declared in a short and sweet announcement made by leader Kaliee in the SWAT Discord server.

Oli’s return announcement. Click to enlarge.

Following his return, SWAT engaged in a practice battle against the Army of Club Penguin. To kick off the battle, the two armies showed off some impressive formations and tactics, which eventually led to an Army of CP victory in the first room due to their overwhelming size advantage. SWAT stepped up their game with bombs and clean formations in the second room, which resulted in a tie. Coming down to the final room, the Army of Club Penguin came out victorious again due to their use of risky tactics despite SWAT’s good effort. Ultimately, the judges declared the Army of Club Penguin as the winners of the practice battle with a score of 2-0-1.

SWAT’s practice battle against the Army of CP

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

CP Army Hub reached out to Oli for an interview; however, we were unable to receive a response. Additionally, we asked Ganger90 for a statement regarding Oli’s return.

Stare3000 decided to return to SWAT for some unfinished business and to help us reach our goals we have for this army in the upcoming months. I heard that he is excited to be back and I am too (:

SWAT seems delighted to welcome Oli back into the leadership. Without a doubt, the army seems determined to reach new heights with him back in charge alongside Ganger90. With this leadership change set in place, how will the army fare in the months to come?

What do YOU think? What will SWAT have to offer to the community in the future? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comment section below.


CP Army Hub Reporter



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