S/M Top Ten Armies [11/15/20-11/21/20]

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – The small-medium Top Ten sees two major armies drop down into the rankings.

1. Golden Troops [37.98]

2. Secret Service [34.96]

3. Fighter Pilots [33.40]

4. Templars [33.17]

5. Dark Warriors [31.9]

↓ 6. Island Invaders [31.33]

 7. One Direction Army [30.05]

 8. Mango Corps [29.30]

↓ 9. Recon Federation of Club Penguin [28.00]

↓ 10. Pizza Federation [25.19]

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1. Golden TroopsThe Golden Troops had a jam packed week holding a whopping eight events. Their first event was a Sled Racing Tournament in which they were able to max seven troops. Their second event this week was an AUSIA training event where they were able to strengthen their AUSIA division by maxing six troops. The third event they held during this very busy week was a “Furry Takeover Event” where the “Golden Furries” were able to see nine troops in attendance. The fourth event they held this week was a “Joint Costume Event” with the One Direction Army where they saw a size of 11 troops in attendance. Following that event, they held a Card-Jitsu event in which they saw eight troops competing for the Card Jitsu title. The sixth event they held during the week was an invasion of Pinguinopolis where they saw a max of 11 troops in attendance. The seventh event they held this week was a free land invasion of Deshielo where they saw nine troops attend for GT. The final event that they held this week was a Practice Battle with Fire Ninjas where they saw a max size of 11 troops in attendance.

2. Secret ServiceThe Secret Service maxed 5 at a practice battle against the Water Ninjas to start their week. They maxed 11 at their successful invasion of Parka and 10 at a practice battle with the Dark Champions. Soon after, they maxed 11 at a training event and 6 at an AUSIA training. They had another AUSIA training with a max of 9. Finally, they maxed 11 at a joint event with the Skateboarders.

3. Fighter PilotsThe Fighter Pilots had a busy event this week, hosting five events. To start their week, they held a tactic practice, which maxed 13. This was then followed by a muppet themed event with 10 attendees. Their third event was a practice battle against Most Wanted, which had 19 pilots present. They then invaded Canoe with a max of 9 and concluded their week with a practice battle against the Red Ravagers, maxing 12.

4. TemplarsThe Templars had three events this week. They began with a battle against the Island Invaders, maxing 17. A fun ‘Shark Takeover’ event saw 21 in attendance, and finally they battled the Crimson Guardians with 27 members online.

5. Dark WarriorsThe Dark Warriors held a single Caramel Apple Takeover event this week where they maxed 28.

6. Island InvadersThe Island Invaders started their week with a Practice Battle against Templars. where they maxed 15. They followed this up with invasions of Jackhammer and Avalanche where they saw peak sizes of 7 and 11. They finished their week with a Practice Battle against the Ice Warriors where they maxed 8.

7. One Direction ArmyThe One Direction Army held a total of four events this week. Kicking off their week with some investigation, they showed a max of 12 troops at a Murder Mystery event. The Directioners then gathered for a U-Lead training event, which saw a peak of 14 troops. Their biggest event of the week culminated at an impressive 23 troops, as they successfully invaded the server of Fiesta. Finally, the fangirls held a joint event with the Golden Troops, maxing 11. A fun week for the Directioners!

8. Mango CorpsMango Corps held two events this week. They began their week with a Practice Battle against Island Invaders where they maxed 20 and finished their week with an invasion of Ice Breaker, where they saw sizes of 16.

9. Recon Federation of Club PenguinThe Recon Federation began their busy week with a ‘Speed Training’ event that saw 8 in attendance. An AUSIA training with 6 penguins followed, and a ‘Cow Takeover’ with 9 after that. A ‘Master Chef’ event witnessed 10 people, while a ‘Marines Training’ event maxed 5. Finally, an Ice Fishing Competition event was attended by 10 members.

10. Pizza FederationThe Pizza Federation held 5 events this week. They started off with a card jitsu tournament on Monday, reaching a max of 10. On Wednesday, they held a Pizza Takeover, maxing 9 chefs. The next day, they held a training event, hitting a max of 7. They held another training event on Friday, this time peaking at 10 troops. To finish off their week, they invaded Flurry, with 10 troops in attendance.


Where did your army place in this week’s Top Ten? Let us know what YOU think in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Chief Executive Officer


CP Army Hub Executive Producer


Top Ten Committee Manager

Top Ten Committee

Tistle, Fusion, Cassie, Caramel, Marissa, Rah, Fatchicken88, Sarah, Robot, Kally, Max

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