Skateboarders Leadership Shakeup Following Invasion Schedule

MITTENS, Skateboarders Empire – Following an invasion of Mittens winning their first piece of land on the map, the Skateboarders have inducted two new leaders to their ranks, Sweater and Cobra. What led to this sequence of events?

The Skateboarders had a busy past few days to say the least. In wake of the new land opening on the World Map, the Skateboarders invaded a server on the Frosty CPPS, Mittens. Their invasion of Mittens was successful, giving the Skateboards their first piece of land. With a max of 9, they were able to take the land for themselves.

The Skateboarders’ invasion of Mittens on November 19th.

On the following day, the Skateboarders High Command announced that Cobra, recently a leader of Templars, would be joining their ranks as a leader. This was then followed up with Sweater following suit, a former Special Weapons and Tactics leader, being brought onto Skateboarders leadership. Both with heaps of experience and likely to be huge assets to the future of the Skateboarders.

Cobra’s induction to leader on November 20th.

However, things aren’t about to be settle down for the Skateboarders. Not too long after their free-land invasion of Mittens, the Island Invaders leader LEGOMAN announced that the Islanders would be invading the land on November 24th. The Islanders will be joined by Templars, who are also firm on invading the server. The result of this battle may cause a conflict between the armies. It all depends on who will pull through and win the battle.

Island Invaders leader LEGOMAN declaring the invasion on Mittens.

The Army Hub team approached Sweater for an interview on his plans for Skateboarders and the upcoming defense of their server:

Why did you decide to join the Skateboarders leadership?

Due to the Island Invaders scheduling invasions on Skateboarders, I felt it was right to assist my friend Ivy just until it’s over.

What kind of things can we expect from Skateboarders with you leading?

I believe I can bring efficiency to the battles with Island Invaders, and show them why they should’ve cancelled when I suggested them to do so.

What do you want to accomplish as leader of Skateboarders?

I would love to hurt Lego’s ego.

Anything else you’d like the community to know?

I just want Legoman to know it’s pretty funny how I got an interview without doing anything.

Fighting words from Sweater there, who seems confident that the Skateboarders can meet the threat of the Island Invaders. A lot is riding on the battle on Tuesday, clearly not just the land on the map. It’s the rivalry between army leaders and further conflict as the year draws to a close. The Skateboarders seem prepared for a battle and we’ll have to await the result in the coming days. The results could determine whether this will spark further conflict between the armies.

What do YOU think? Are the Skateboarders going to rise to great heights with the change in leadership or will they stumble to defeat in their defense of Mittens? Let us know in the comments section down below!


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