Water Vikings and Doritos Practice Battle Proceeds Into Overtime

ALASKA, Battle Ground – The Water Vikings and the Doritos engaged in a fierce practice battle earlier today. Although both armies performed spectacularly, only one was able to win. Who prevailed?

On November 21st, the Water Vikings and the Doritos went head to head in an extremely close practice battle. Both sides showed equally impressive sizes with the Doritos peaking at 41 and the Water Vikings at 34. However, due to fluctuating sizes throughout the rooms, one army was able to win because of other factors such as formations and speed. Who was it?

[Inside Mine]

The Water Vikings entered the Mine first while starting off with a size difference as huge as ten penguins. The Vikings then made a ‘T’ formation while the Doritos followed with a circle. Although the Water Vikings possessed a spectacular size advantage at first, the gap slowly lessened as more Doritos entered the room. Additionally, the Doritos showcased amazing prowess as the battle went on, covering their opponent multiple times throughout the room. However, the Vikings also fought back fiercely and managed to cover the Doritos at times as well. Due to a constant back and forth between the armies, room one was deemed a tie.

WV vs. DCP in the first room: Inside Mine


After an intense first room, both armies headed to the Docks next. The Water Vikings quickly entered the room first once again with the Doritos following only seconds behind. Although the Doritos put a great fight, the Vikings performed extremely neat formations which gave the army an edge. Even with similar sizes, the Water Vikings’ choice of formations made them seem larger than they actually were, thus allowing them to cover their opponent and win the second room.

WV vs. DCP in the second room: Docks


In the third room, both armies entered strong yet again, eager to claim victory for themselves. Unlike the previous two rooms, the Doritos brought up their performance and formed exceptionally clean formations. Additionally, throughout the duration of the room, the Doritos maintained a slight size advantage. With their neatness and size giving the army a helping hand, the Doritos managed to win the third room, thus evening the score.

WV vs. DCP in the third room: Iceberg

[Snow Forts]

With each army winning one room, the Water Vikings and the Doritos headed into overtime. Throughout the first half of the fourth room, the Water Vikings performed cleaner formations yet again. As the room continued, the Doritos stepped up and displayed neat formations as well, but they weren’t enough to overcome the Vikings’ straighter shapes. Additionally, the Water Vikings also changed into more uncommon arrangements which added to their overall performance. Due to a slightly faster speed and their choice and neatness of formations, the Vikings were able to win the overtime room.

WV vs. DCP in the overtime room: Snow Forts

The practice battle between the Water Vikings and the Doritos was definitely a close one. However, after a long four rooms, the Vikings were able to come out victorious with a 2-1-1 score.

The judges’ verdict, click to enlarge

After a fabulous practice battle between the Water Vikings and the Doritos, the Vikings were able to seize victory for today. With the tough battle heading into overtime, both armies definitely gave their all and fought exceptionally. Following the stunning battle today, it will certainly be interesting to watch how both armies fare in future battles!

What do YOU think about this practice battle? Let us know YOUR thoughts in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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