Underground Mafias Army Resurface For New Generation

UNKNOWN TERRITORY, Underground Mafias Empire – Following a period of closure, the legendary Underground Mafias Army has announced their return. Will we see a successful new generation this time around?

Founded by Pink Mafias in 2007, the Underground Mafias Army had a string of successful and notable leaders including Daniel, Wgfv, and Bam. Thirteen years in the making, they are one of the oldest armies and were the first CPPS army on CP Rewritten in March of 2017. A while back, the Underground Mafias Army made a comeback on CP Online briefly, however, they were later banned and thus suffered a setback. However, following their ban, Epic101 later made the decision to revive the army illegally, leading it to impressive sizes of 60+.

The Underground Mafias Army in a CP Online war training event

Despite the hardships they faced, months later, the Mafia has risen from the grave. Their return was announced by a post on November 17th, made by Club Penguin army legend Cobra. After detailing some of the memories he has of Underground Mafias army, he ended his post by stating the following:

Cobra’s announcement, click to enlarge

Following the announcement, the Underground Mafias Army hosted their revival event on November 22nd, successfully registering with CP Army Hub as one of the newest Small/Medium armies. Games, a Mafias legend, and Justinfortsa, a notable former leader, will also be returning to help run this generation.

The Underground Mafias Army’s revival event, maxing 14

CP Army Hub was able to ask Cobra a few questions about this unexpected revival.

Why did you decide to revive the Underground Mafias Army?

To relive the old times of 07 and bring a successful generation to UMA that isn’t Epics invalid bs

Do you have any goals for the army in the next month or so?

Be major. And give the kids 07 ofc

Reviving an army during the Fall can be difficult for many armies, do you have confidence that you’ll be able to succeed?

Most definitely. It’s all planned

Can you elaborate on that plan?

We have a system of government set up to be successful. Red winter is coming, be ready.

Unsatisfied with Epic101’s previous actions, the Underground Mafias Army has returned to bring a renewed “red winter” to the community. Will they rise above the challenge and achieve their goals? Or will this generation face the same misfortune as the last? 

What do YOU think? Will their return be successful? Will this be one of the best or worst generations? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Reporter Trainee


CP Army Hub Editor-in-Chief


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