Christmas Chaos X: Meet The Judges

ALASKA, Christmas Chaos Boardroom – With the tournament set to begin next weekend, we present to you the final list of Christmas Chaos judges.

It is vital for the entire community to know and trust each judge deciding this tournament. Every single judge works hard to make unbiased decisions in battles, especially decisions as important as the ones featured in the Christmas Chaos. Our official panel of judges is going to judge based on tactics, formations, agility, size, consistency among various other factors. In order to trust the decisions they are making in the tournament, we must understand who they are as people first. For these reasons, we’ve compiled a statement from each of them.

(Subject to additions on the basis of availability)


Army Affiliations: None

What up fellas, it’s ya boy. I’m sure you all know who I am by now but if you don’t, make sure to mass message Cassie and ask her who I am. Anyways, I’ve been around the block for the last year in terms of judging, taking part as a judge in CPA, CPANN, CPAM, and CPAH, while also judging tournaments such as CPANN’s November to Remember, CPAM’s Premier League Tournament, CPAM/CPAL’s Legends Cup X, and CPAH’s Beach Brawl and Fright or Fight. I look forward to judging what is sure to be a great tournament, and may the best army win!


Army Affiliations: None

Ello lads, I’m LuciferStar, I dont have a big resume because I joined Club Penguin Armies in the 2020 CPPS gen. You’ll mostly remember me as part of the CP Army League Board of Directors and CEO of CPAL and CPAH. In my short tenure in CPA, I’ve judged several big battles as well as the August Sadness, Beach Brawl, Fright or Fight. It’s always a pleasure to judge some of the biggest battles this community has ever seen in its history. Oh and I’m not affiliated to any army so I’ll bias for whoever pays me first. Good luck to all the armies participating in Christmas Chaos X!


Army Affiliations: None

Hi, I’m Cassie, everyone’s favorite Vice President and one of the top 5 Head Judges! I’m so excited to judge Christmas Chaos, which will be my second tournament. I’ve been in CP armies since 2018, but I’ve been an unaffiliated community member for just about 9 months. Since joining armies, I reached third-in-command of my old army and Editor-in-Chief back in CPAM. I can’t wait for this tourney — it’s guaranteed to be entertaining. May the best army win!


Army Affiliations: Army of Club Penguin

Hey! I’m Sophie. I started judging around the time the CP Army Hub formed, and I’m one of the currently serving Head Judges. Judging is something that I’ve always admired and enjoyed, and I take pride in providing unbiased and fair results. It’s an honor to be judging Christmas Chaos, and I’m looking forward to an exciting tournament. Best of luck to all the armies competing!


Army Affiliations: Dark Warriors

Hii! I’m Caramel, a Second in Command with the Dark Warriors. I first became a judge in June and have been judging battles ever since. I judged the Beach Brawl and Fright or Fight tournaments earlier this year, and I’m excited to judge another one! During this tournament, I will make sure to judge fairly without bias. I can’t wait for Christmas Chaos X to begin, and good luck to all participating armies! :heart:


Army Affiliations: Water Vikings

I’m Pjayo, resident Jerichoholic. I’m nearly positive I’ve interacted with a majority of the community at this point, but if you don’t know me, I’ve been a part of this community for 10 very long years, which has given me titles such as a Water Vikings Hall of Famer, former Dark Warriors owner, former Doritos owner, former leader of the Shadow Troops, and creator of the Golden Guardians. As of right now, my only real affiliation is with the Water Vikings, and even then I’ve sort of been hands off the last month, due to irl issues. My judging experience is fairly expansive, including Legends Cup X, The Premiere League, dozens of exhibition battles, and of course providing commentary for Fight or Fright, and parts of the Legends Cup. What I’ve heard a lot about judges is that they only care about size. I however, am absolutely not a size queen. For me, it’s important that armies can move quick, stay focused, and stay aggressive, to cover the opponent where ever possible. I may be a little bit harsh, but I am fair. I’ll be sure to make sure every battle I judge is judged fairly. And for those who loved my commentary, don’t fret. My buttery smooth voice will still grace thy eardrums for the larger battles. Hope to see everyone there!


Army Affiliations: Doritos

I joined armies back in June of 2019 when I joined royals. I led until May 2020 and was the head of the board of directors for CPAL. I’ve been judging since about January 2020 and i’ve judged large wars and battles as well as tournaments and was one of the trusted judges in CPAL. I’m currently 2ic in Doritos, but nonetheless I plan on judging as fair as possible for every single battle!! Good luck to all the armies 🙂


Army Affiliations: Rebel Penguin Federation, Wild Ninjas

Hi everyone! I’m Crazzy, current Rebel Commander of RPF. I’ve been in RPF for a year and a half, and HCOM for about a year. As for judging experience I oversee branch battles within my army every weekend, was an official judge for the Beach Brawl and Fright or Fight tournaments, was a judge for CPAM and CPAH sanctioned battles and invasions, and overall I have a great concept of being both fair and unbiased. I’m excited for armies to compete at the highest level in the legendary Christmas Chaos X tournament. Best of luck to everyone participating!


Army Affiliations: Army of Club Penguin

Hey, my name is Robot i’m currently an ACP 2ic. I want to judge because I have no agenda and want the best army to win, I intend to remain unbiased and to give the best verdicts in my eyes. Looking forward to this tournament, good luck everyone.


Army Affiliations: Underground Mafias Army

Hey there, my name is Zambi, most of you would know me as the former CP Army Hub administrator, but I’m more than that :sob:. Before my presumed leave in the community, I was a reputable judge who oversaw battles both large and small, and speedy and slow. Judging Christmas Chaos, which is arguably the last biggest tournament this community will have in a while, is something I’ve wanted to do, so special thanks to the head judges and administration for choosing me. As a judge, I intend on reviewing what is present in the battle and have confidence I make the right choices as I’ve always done for my previous judging stints.


Army Affiliations: Doritos

Hi I’m Intrinsic and :heart: am willing to judge the battles for this tournament with all honesty. I’m really glad to be part of the judging team for the legendary Christmas Chaos tournament. I promise to keep in mind all armies have their own capabilities and respect that. Also, I am all to being unbiased with my evaluations and judgments :> Good luck to all armies participating, let’s all have fun! Hoping all the best for each and everyone! #AllAboutUnbiasedJudging.


Army Affiliations: None

Ho ho ho! It is I, the greatest judge of all time! Santa MT! As a judge without affiliations, it is my greatest duty to spread flash game cheer to the community (too soon?). This tournament, I am making a list, and checking it twice, to find out which armies have been naughty or nice. As well as you know, the formations, tactic completion, overall flow of the battle. I’m the real deal. But, spoiler alert, you’re all bad. Just terrible. Happy holidays!


Army Affiliations: Ice Warriors, Water Ninjas

My name is Alex and I am so excited to be a judge for Christmas Chaos this year! I have been a judge for a while now and previously held a Head Judge position in CPAH, was a CPAM and CPAL judge, as well as being a member of the IW Unbiased Judging Squad for a long time now :IWJudge: .
I had the pleasure of serving as a judge for the Legends Cup X and Beach Brawl Tournaments this past summer. I have never participated in a Christmas Chaos Tournament however I am excited to take part this year as both a participating army leader and a judge for the other battles! As far as my affiliations I am an Ice Warriors leader as well as an advisor for our colony, The Water Ninjas. I can’t wait to take part in this legendary tournament! Good luck everyone and may the best army win!!! :iwsalute:


Army Affiliations: Pizza Federation, Army of Club Penguin

Heyo! I’m Light and I’ve been a Head Judge for a little over a month now. I’m looking forward to judging Christmas Chaos X, one of the most historical tournaments in all of CPA! I know each army involved is going to give their all and I’ll seek to reward their efforts and decide a fair winner. I’m looking forward to see how this tournament transpires, just like all of you!


Army Affiliations: Dark Warriors

Hiiii, i’m Spotty and currently I’m a leader for Dark Warriors and have been in the army community since 2018. In CPAH I serve as a Head Judge, and previously i’ve judged the Legends Cup, Beach Brawl and Fright and Fight. I love judging and seeing how creative armies can be with their tactics and formations. I’m looking forward to seeing what each army can bring into the tournament, especially as it’s the last tournament before flash dies. Good luck to all of the armies involved! :EH~3:


Army Affiliations: Ice Warriors, Water Ninjas, Clown Rebellion

Hi I’m Orange! I joined the army community back in July 2012 and I am currently LIT for the Ice Warriors. More importantly however, I have been selected as a judge for this year’s rendition of the Christmas Chaos (here comes Chaos! :))) )! I have judged a plethora of tournaments with the latest being the Fright or Flight tournament, and also battles in the past, and I take judging extremely seriously, always making sure that the best army from each battle respectfully takes the victory. As a judge, I have always held myself to a high standard to remain unbiased. This year, I expect this tournament to be a very competitive one and I’m very excited to judge!

Having now met our official judges, we hope that you will be able to place more trust in their decisions. With the tournament rapidly approaching, we advise all of the competitors to begin preparing themselves. In order for the judges to give you the results you want to hear, you need to give them the battle they want to see. May the best army win!

What do YOU think about the Christmas Chaos judges? Will any surprise upsets happen? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


CP Army Hub Executive Producer 


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