Footprints in the Sand: Freedomist

ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – Today’s edition of Footprints in the Sand will be featuring Freedomist, a current staff member with the Ice Warriors and leader with the Water Ninjas. What moment will we explore with him today?

Freedomist first joined the Light Troops back in 2016, but remained inactive as a troop until he joined the Templars in August 2019. He then quickly ranked up to leader in an astounding six days and helped lead the Templars to huge sizes of 60 plus.

After retiring from the Templars on September 5th of this year, Freedomist rejoined the army community twelve days later on September 17th with the Ice Warriors. He also joined the army’s colony, the Water Ninjas, as a Second in Command on October 5th and eventually ranked up to a leader on October 17th. Under his leadership, the Water Ninjas have flourished greatly, achieving a major army status and even ranking on the major Top Ten list for almost two months in a row. Freedomist is currently a staff member with the Warriors and a leader with the Ninjas.

A recent Water Ninjas practice battle under the leadership of Freedomist

CP Army Hub staff were able to reach out to Freedomist for an interview regarding his favorite moment since joining the army community:

What has been your favorite moment since joining the army community?

The ones which come to mind are: When I first became a TCP leader because I always wanted to lead an army; when I was inducted as a TCP legend because it felt like the hard work paid off; when I joined IW because its been a great experience and when I became WN leader because its a new journey :goo:

and when i got the best TCP legend bio of all time

Were you surprised when you first became a TCP leader?

I hadn’t expected it. I had only been in the army for less than a week and all the other leaders were talking about working for months to get leader so when Xing was announcing a new leader and pinged me I was shocked, but I will admit I had hoped that I was the next leader. Truly a moment I’ll never forget because if it weren’t for Xing’s trust in me who knows where I’d be now :iwflushed:

How have you applied your leadership experience from the Templars to the Water Ninjas?

Well near the end of my tenure as Templars leader I had worked on innovating in the army and speeding it up so it could compete with other armies. I believe I’ve managed to bring that innovation and speed to Water Ninjas although there is always room for improvement so expect more. I had also put a lot of hard work into Templars and I believe my work ethic transferred to Water Ninjas as well. I’m just glad to be leading such a great army now so I can really try new things :waiting:

What do you hope to bring to the Water Ninjas now that you’re a leader?

Thanks to all of my fellow Water Ninja leaders we have been able to achieve feats such as major army and breaking the previous WN record for major TT placements. Now my main focus is to increase the max so that we can break the current record of 36. Along with the max, I’m always looking for new ways to innovate whether its formations, bombs, etc. It would be awesome to maintain our major top ten streak and aim for higher placements. Needless to say, this generation of water ninjas has already achieved some great things but it doesn’t stop there :WNSalute:

Do you have anything else to add?

Thank you to TCP, IW and WN for believing in me because it’s been a great time and thank you to all the friends I’ve made along the way. And of course, thank you for the interview :awe:

It seems that Freedomist has had multiple fun moments in mind with each playing a huge part in his army community experience. Being a former Templars leader and legend, Freedomist certainly hopes to bring his current armies to higher heights. How will the Water Ninjas fare under his leadership?

What do YOU think about Freedomist’s favorite moment? Who should be interviewed next? Let us know in the comments section down below!


CP Army Hub Associate Producer

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